The internet has made it easier to bring people together… even if they don’t want to. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan together, who would have thought of this! Have a look at this hilarious photo of Salman Khan & Shah Rukh Khan that is being passed on in the industry these days.


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We have to say that whichever fan of  Ready made this morphed image did a pretty good job. Obviously made using the first look of My Name Is Khan and ‘Ready’, the fan had a smart idea to bring the two Khans in the same picture. If the picture has outraged any SRK fans, they can get back during the release of Ra.One!




  1. oh ok … found the reason why Ready is such a buzzz …. cause SRK promoted Salman’s Ready … Salman’s star power won’t able to promote the movie so they ask SRK to help them promote movie …. SRK is a sweet heart … Salman be Ready cause Super Hero is coming …. get a ticket in black cause u won’t fine any ticket …

    • i don’t think. b/c salman is salman srk is nothing infrnt of salman. now salman is on peak. not srk. he has aged now.

    • Kaun kis pay bhari padae ga..woh SRK se puchoo…Sallu bhai SRK pe pichle panch saal se bhari pad rahe hai..NO ONE CAN BEAT SALLU…SRK BEWARE WITH SALMAN…SALMAN KE SAATH PORA BOLLYWOOD CHAL TA HAI..


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