Unlike other filmmakers who claim that Narendra Modi’s historic move of demonetization has hit their box office business, director Sujoy Ghosh has unique opinion on it. We asked if he fears that demonetisation may affect the box office collection of his newly released film Kahaani 2 and here’s what he had to say.


“I saw ‘Dear Zindagi‘ doing really good. I think it’s a question of priority if people want to spend…If anything goes wrong with the film, it will be purely my fault. Nothing to do with demonetisation, nothing to do with anything. It will be because we made a bad film,” Ghosh firmly put his honest views.

Sujoy Ghosh doesn't blame Modi's Demonetization
Sujoy Ghosh doesn’t blame Modi’s Demonetization

He has worked for the big screen and also contributed to the digital platform. He feels that the digital platform is slowly taking over cinema and is the future.

After Ahalya, many short films including “Kriti“, “Ouch” and “Raakh” released on digital platforms and were also lauded for their crisp and fascinating content.

Asked if he feels the digital platform is slowly taking over cinema, Ghosh told IANS, “Absolutely, it has to. That is progress and that is the future. I don’t know if it will happen in my lifetime or not, but definitely it is the future.”

“The way the digital world is spreading and the way you are accessible and you can access, is only matter of time…When I can beam my movies straight to you at your door step, it is a one to one relationship,” added the director.




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