Since the day Gauahar has re-entered the show, she has been waiting for Kushal to come back after his abrupt dismissal from the Bigg Boss house. But the clock seems to be endlessly ticking away and the wait doesn’t seem to end for her.


After Salman Khan, the host of Bigg Boss show, raised the topic about Kushal Tandon’s return and asked for everybody’s opinion, Gauahar has been expecting his return and was found staying aloof most of the time. She found solace in Heaven and shared her feelings with him. However, she couldn’t hold back her tears while she was talking to him. She would stare at the door with the hope that Kushal would enter sometime soon.

Gauahar Khan
Gauahar Khan

There have been several such instances where Gauahar was found sobbing out of depression but none of the housemates seem to have noticed it. To add to her problems, Elli, who has been quite close to her since the beginning, decided to nominate her using her special power. This didn’t go down well with Gauahar who had always trusted Elli and did stand up for her when she was in trouble.

With things not going the way she would expect, will Gauahar be able to survive in the Bigg House?

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  1. Gouhar is the only perfect creature ever born on this planet, she can never be wrong. infact right is only that what she supports and that’s why she fights even with her sister and relatives. :-)
    I am sick of such personnas… thanks Ellie

  2. This is not fair, Kushal should be brought back and she still has her stand even if she has come back to the show. She is fair and strong unlike Tanisha who uses other people to get her revenge on Gauhar. I hope Tanisha gets kicked out of Bigg Boss 7 because I HATE HER.


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