Bhuvan Bam popularly known as BB is a 24-year-old Delhi University graduate who runs India’s most successful Youtube channel, producing content that tickles the funny bone & is relatable.

This digital disruptor is all set now to shoot for his next single, Rahguzar in Mumbai this week. Music is Bhuvan’s passion and hence we have heard him release a couple of songs in the past already.

Bhuvan Bam shoots for his next single, amidst fans!
BB Ki Vines Fame Bhuvan Bam Shoots Upcoming Single Amidst Fans!


What is very special about this shoot is that hundreds of his fans were a part of the shoot.


The shoot took place in the suburban areas and Bhuvan flew down from Delhi for the same.

His last song Safar was hugely appreciated by his fans and has almost 9.5 million views on Youtube which is a huge for any digital star.

With 8.7 million subscribers which is the highest number by a huge margin than a lot of others that we have seen in his field, he is the youngest and the biggest digital content creator that we have in India.



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