Looks like Toonpur Ka Superrhero isn’t going to  be any laughing matter for its makers. Music director Bappi Lahiri has sent producers Krishika Lulla and Kumar Mangat Pathak a legal notice for using the cartoon character Guppy in their film ‘Toonpur Ka Superrhero‘. Bappi is reportedly upset because the Ajay Devgan, Kajol starrer shows him in a “derogatory” light.

Bappi Lahiri Upset With Toonpur Ka Superrhero

Lahiri heard about this caricature from his daughter’s friend and found out that the character Guppy sports long hair, wears dark glasses and lots of gold jewellery, very much like Bappi in real-life. Lahiri’s notice also goes on to say that it gives the false impression that he composer is part of the film. The notice further urges the makers of ‘Toonpur Ka Superrhero’ to:

1) delete the character Guppy from the movie, and/or,

2) change the getup and persona of Guppy so that it doesn’t have any resemblance to the composer,

3) issue a public apology within two days of receiving this notice, failing which Lahiri will take legal recourse as would be available to him.

Krishika Lulla said “Bappi Lahiri is our senior and we respect him a lot…as far as the notice is concerned our legal team is looking into the matter.”

Hope this doesn’t end on a sour note.

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