More than a year after his last release Tevar, Arjun Kapoor is back on the big screen with Ki And Ka. This time around, he enacts the part of a domesticated guy who wishes to take care of things at home while his wife (played by Kareena Kapoor Khan) runs the household with her stint as a corporate bigwig. Considering the fact that Arjun has been seen in films as distinct as Tevar and 2 States, it seems like Ki And Ka is an altogether different ballgame for the actor.

“What happens in our country is that when a man does things that are normally associated with a woman, one ends up exclaiming that ‘arrey, he is half a woman’. Same holds true vice versa too as a working woman is termed as ‘half a man’. Such classifications are totally unnecessary,” says Balki, who has made films like Cheeni Kum, Paa and Shamitabh.

"Arjun Kapoor will make a fantastic filmmaker, he has fabulous script sense" - R. Balki on Ki & Ka
Balki on Ki And Ka: Arjun has a fabulous script sense


Thankfully for Balki, he had actors like Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan on board who didn’t blink an eyelid once he narrated the plotline to them.

“Arjun got the script bang on. I can say with surety that he would be a fantastic filmmaker one day; he has such a fabulous script sense. See, Arjun has been doing very macho kind of roles ever since he started with Ishaqzaade. A film like Ki And Ka is a very difficult thing to do for a person who is so masculine. He has the personality of a hunk. However, he changed himself for Ki And Ka. While he kept his physique intact, from his body language and mannerisms perspective, he became very gentle. He has maintained that consistently from first to the last frame. It is an incredible thing to do right through the film,” he adds.

“Kareena is so spontaneous,” says Balki, “She is a sparkling actor and someone who is as feminine as it gets. While watching the film, no one will say that she is half a man. She uses her talent and then looks the part. It is casting that has worked out wonderfully well for the film.”

We would definitely like to see it on 1st April once this Balki and Eros film releases all over.

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