Special 26 was an intelligent package which got the money flowing and the critics raving at the same time. Hence, when director Neeraj Pandey had collaborated with Akshay Kumar yet again, for Baby, Akkians were geared up for another great film. Akshay wants to remain very discreet about Baby, divulging no details.

He said, “Promotional strategy is a far off thought now for this film. But yes, I can tell you that the film’s trailer will be out with Action Jackson probably.”

Akshay Kumar in a still from movie 'Baby'
Akshay Kumar in a still from movie ‘Baby’

Giving us a gist of the film on much insistence, the actor told us, “Baby is a beautiful film. And it has nothing to do with Hey Babby (smiles). Baby is on the lines of Bourne Identity and it is very surprising that Neeraj thought of venturing into this genre. There is a very interesting reason why the film is called Baby.”

Baby is all set to release this January and is shot in Nepal, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Turkey. The film’s crew was in Abu Dhabi last week filming a few reshots. Scheduled to go for post production this week, the film will be one unpredictable film.

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