Arjun Kapoor
Arjun Kapoor

He looted your hearts with his first on screen appearance in a hugely blood and gore action flick of sorts. This Chokra Jawaan made the nation swoon to his beats and how and today he is back exactly a year later, almost with his second film up for release. From losing fifty kilos of flesh from his body, this B-town superstar of tomorrow has made a name of himself right away.

Arjun Kapoor, who has mesmerized the audience with his action avatar in Ishaqzaade is gearing up with his second film about to hit screens today. With no stiff competition to battle it out, Aurangzeb will have a clear two week run, which in turn leaves this macho man overtly happy. “That is great news for an actor obviously. That your films are not being pitted with any other big budgeted films ensure a steady business coming in too. So I am happy.”

The man who tries to talk less and act more, adds that Aurangzeb came to him much before the world was aware of his talented acting genes. “I know it would come as a shock but Aurangzeb did not happen after Ishaqzaade released. It was almost a Valentine’s Day gift wrapped up to me which I took up. And honestly, Aurangzeb is way different from being a Yash Raj film. That increased my excitement to do the film even more. Hopefully everyone will like it.”

Doing a double role in his second film right away, Arjun had to face a lot of challenges while opting to play the dual characters. “I play Yashvardhan’s son Ajay who is the total bad grey shaded obnoxious guy trying to make money out of his father’s empire. He does all the things that are meant to be undone. But there again, I also play this subtly sweet and innocent Vishal, who is very simple and true to his heart,  who is unaware of the currently hostile situations in Gurgaon. Nevertheless, it was definitely a tough challenge for a newcomer like me to put in two diametrically opposite characters in one frame and that would hopefully be noticed by all,” he admits.

But it was definitely a pat on the backs by none other than our Dabangg hero which helped him turn towards acting full fledgedly. “You got to ask him what he (Salman Khan) saw in me which no one did, even I didn’t! He saw me and encouraged me to lose weight and try acting. I had planned of turning a fat director but then he made me lose my weight and somehow helped me see the side of me that I could have never seen myself,” Arjun gushed with a peck of his dimpled nonchalance!

With Aurangzeb hitting theatres today and having an envelope of hype and youth connect, it would be nice to see this film sail through the borders, just like other small budgeted films like Aashiqui 2 did. Nevertheless, Arjun on the other hand remains a superstar for tomorrow, literally!

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