Abhi toh babyjee had made her Ghamsan Bollywood entry with KJo ki SOTY and already boyfriend bana liya usne. I hate to admit but yeh Bhatt baby bohot fast ja rahi hai. Ever since her super entry she has never left news. Phir she went and signed Imtiaz Ali’s film Highway and aur famous ho gayi. Ab madam has new news for us.

Me and Pati had gone to seen YJHD and there I saw Alia watching the film with Arjun Kapoor. Alia and Arjun are saath mein working on Sajid Nadiadwala ki film 2 States and sets mein pyaar vyaar ho gaya.

Arjun Kapoor And Alia Bhatt
Arjun Kapoor And Alia Bhatt

Mere paas sort of confirmed news hai ki dono full dating kar rahe these days! I don’t have a problem with these kids dating. I am very open minded and progressive kind wali, you toh know. But itna chupa chupa ke date nahin karna chahiye. How will I get to tell people phir. Agar I hadn’t gone for the film, I wouldn’t have known only na!

When the film started Arjun was sitting alone. Alia entered when the lights went off so that no one can see her. Interval mein when I turned out I saw they are dating. Itne chupe rustam hai na dono! Maine suna they were comfortably cozying up. Ab toh I have nothing to tell these young kids. But for film’s promotion don’t give us this dating wala jhaansa!

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