From last few days, there were reports that Saina Nehwal biopic starring Shraddha Kapoor has been shelved.

But director Amole Gupte has cleared the rumours and said that they plan to start shooting in September this year.

Amole Gupte On Saina Nehwal Biopic
Amole Gupte On Saina Nehwal Biopic

In an interview with PTI, when Amole Gupte was asked if the film has been shelved, he said, “I didn’t respond to reports because I know what I am doing. It is better that the production house speaks, which is T-Series, rather than me. We are definitely going on floors in September.” He said that he has been working on the film from last 3 years and he will not rush it.

“I have already given two-and-a-half years of my life. I am used to this pace (of working). There is a lot of preparation required for this film. We are at it,” he said.

The Stanley Ka Dabba director is awaiting the TV premiere of his last release, Sniff. It will be soon have seen some nice films perishing at the box office race because they need support and P&A (promotion and advertising) just to put it out there. It is an uphill task to create content for children and showcase their world to the adults.”

Further speaking about his film, Gupte said that his films have great viewership on TV but it is tough to get families to theatres. “If there is a U/A film, the adult in the family takes the children along. But if there is a children’s film running in the theatre, the thought does not cross the mind of an Indian parent (of going for it)… (this) has taken me a lot of mulling over how to break this jinx.”

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