What happens when two of the biggest superstars meet in God’s own country? They make some unforgettable cinema and, of course, news!

Take for example, Amitabh Bachchan, who’s in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, shooting for Kandahar, the Malayalee superstar Mohanlal’s film.

“Mohanlal has been and still is one our most incredible talents, from Kerala and the Malayalam film industry. I have admired him and his work through many years of my existence in this profession. He has a unique body and face language. You get the feeling that he is doing nothing, yet it results in the most amazing results – natural, without effort and effective. Just such a joy to watch him,” Amitabh wrote on his blog bigb.bigadda.com

Amitabh further accepted that he could not refuse Mohanlal’s offer to work in his film. “My admiration for Mohanlal could never have made me refuse this offer and so I do it for him.” In fact, so mesmerized is Amitabh that he is working for free. “Charge you for working for 3 days in a Mohanlal film? No way, no fees, no nothing. Just tell me when I have to report and where. That is all.”

So, is Amitabh also learning Malyalam for Mohanlal? No. The film will be in Malayalam, but Amitabh’s character is North Indian so he’ll be mouthing his dialogues in Hindi, with the odd sentence in Malayalam.

The Big B is also over-zealous in signing up all and sundry on Twitter. After Aamir Khan, he’s apparently managed to convince Mohanlal to start tweeting on the mini-blogging site. Amitabh tweeted, “On set of ‘Kandahar’and done with the Malayalam lines. Have persuaded Mohanlal to join Twitter. He has agreed! Yippee success!”

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By Koimoi Team

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