After Sachin Tendulkar declaring himself an ‘Indian first’ in spite of raucous political opposition, it’s now the turn of Amitabh Bachchan to firmly stand for a unified Indian identity.

The Bollywood superstar has spoken up against the national census including caste as a criterion in the survey. Amitabh wrote on his blog,, “Officials from the BMC, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, troop into Prateeksha (Amitabh’s home)… All kinds of information is sought name, place, age, dependents, place of birth, house, residence years and on…  I wait for them to come to the crucial controversial one … caste. They don’t. Wary of the sensitivity that this has raised recently by politicians, they keep away from it… I tell them irrespective of what the system decides, my answer is ready – caste, Indian.”

Amitabh added that his family does not believe in caste, that his father married a Sikh, Amitabh himself married a Bengali, his brother Ajitabh a Sindhi, his daughter a Punjabi, Abhishek a Mangalorean, that his identity is Indian.

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