Blogging Troubles: Why stars can't say they were misquoted by dumb journalists.

Stars were the happiest people when they got an opportunity to post their comments on their blogs. The blogging platform, they felt, would give them an opportunity to be in direct touch with their fans. Among other things, the stars also felt that they would henceforth not have to worry about being misquoted by irritating journalists and this, therefore, wouldsave them the bother of having to issue clarifications. But a trip down memory lane in the last about one year or a little more than that would reveal how the problem often lies not with the so-called irritating journalists but with what the stars themselves have to say. Just recently, Amitabh Bachchan wrote on his blog about how the faulty editing of Raavan (Watch Making) was responsible for Abhishek Bachchan’s acting (in the film) seeming to be below the mark (Read More).

His comment – and he couldn’t have been misquoted because there was no journalist writing his blog – came in for such criticism that Bachchan had to issue explanatory statements clearing his stand. And it was not the first time that Bachchan had to explain his comment and tell people that they had misconstrued what he said. As with Amitabh, so also with other stars who’ve had to explain their stands when either the media or their followers have taken objection to what they’ve posted on their blogs. So the situation now is: whether or not stars go through the route of journalists to communicate with their fans, they do have to retract or explain their statements every once in a while to clear the air. But… but… whom do they blame now?

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