While Abhishek Bachchan acting skills may not have been well-received in Raavan, father Amitabh has gone one step ahead and defended his son. The veteran actor blamed shoddy editing for the inconsistent portrayal of Beera, the character played by Abhishek in the film. He tweeted “(I) gather lot of merited film edited out, causing inconsistent performance and narrative.”

He further went on to justify Abhishek’s performance by saying, “The other head visuals from his thinking…In the edit you see the after effect of that thinking process, hence inconsistent in the edit all the visual heads got cut and you see a confused Beera expression…”

Amitabh’s open defense of his son and criticism of the technicality of the film hasn’t gone well with everyone. Cinematographer Santosh Sivan and actor Vikram have jumped to director Mani Ratnam’s defense citing that the director is the ultimate captain of the ship and that the film is doing reasonably well in the south.

Amitabh didn’t leave it at that; he went ahead and blamed the whole generation of having lost their taste in cinema “Story telling, dialogues, moments have somewhat diminished in today’s cinema… perhaps this generation wants that.” He also accused the media of creating hype, “See how much easier celebrities have made the lives of journalists. We are writing our own news… media picks and prints blog twitter.”

However the superstar clarified that, “Mani is one of our finest directors… He should never stop making films…”

By Koimoi Team

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