There’s a pleasant surprise in the cast of Luv Ka The End: Ali Zafar, the cute guy in Tere Bin Laden, plays the a character of a rockstar called Freddie Kapoor in the movie. Freddie embodies every boy’s dream benchmark and every girl’s fantasy. Freddie’s sound is said to be a “Bryan Adams meets Green Day meets Black Eyed Peas”. Er, are the makers really sure that’s what they’re talking about?

Ali Zafar Acts In Luv Ka The End For Free!


Ali’s album ‘Jhoom’ was distributed by Yash Raj Music. Not only that, the actor-musician did not charge a fee for his role and asked for a donation to a charity of his choice instead! Now that’s a rockstar! He performs a number titled F-U-N-Fun-Funaa in the film.

Besides the song and dance, there’s also a big stunt sequence in the climax in which Ali drops the girls home in an SUV. He did all the driving himself and he was great with the skids, the jumps gave the girls the ride of their life.



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