The mood for Friendship Day is already setting in, and Akshay Kumar was the latest star to feel the vibe. At a recent event, Akki was with wife Twinkle when he was presented with a childhood photograph of himself by his friend. A nostalgic Akshay said, “I am very happy to see my friend and I am also glad to see this photograph of my school. I can’t tell you how excited and surprised I am about it.”

Akshay Kumar's Friendship Day Gift
Those Were The Days... : Akshay Kumar with his childhood photograph.

Talking about their childhood moments, Akshay’s friend said, “Rajeev (Akshay’s birth name) was very naughty. I remember, once our teacher and principal called up his father to meet them, even at that time he was smiling as if nothing had happened.”


Looks like the mood is all set for Friendship Day!



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