Actor Akshay Kumar finds himself in middle of a sticky situation. The actor has been constantly getting extortion calls from a gangster who is demanding 5 crores. Akshay informed the cops that he suspects this is being masterminded by his former domestic help whom had recently fired. There is also a possibility that the servant due to the spat with the star has passed on information about his lifestyle to some underworld gangster who is executing this for him.

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar


The gangster has made several calls to the actor over the last week and did not budge from his amount. The police is now looking for Kumar’s domestic help and are trying to procure more about the gangster. It is confirmed that someone from Kumar’s household got in touch with the gangster but any further information on the domestic help hasn’t been found so far.

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  1. If anyone gets such calls he would not let this news out of his house, let alone the general public.A clear media stunt by Akshay

  2. When SRK was all over the news for his petty stuffs – he woke up early in the morning, he went shopping yesterday, he went poo-poo, wee wee etc…everybody was clapping their hands. Now some petty news about Akki is out, everybody goes “OMG, it’s a publicity stunt!!”


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