Ayushmann Khurrana is all set in the forefront when it comes to the award for the best newcomer. However, he is now also readying himself for fetching rewards as well, now that the bigwigs in the industry have noted his excellent portrayal of Vicky Donor in the namesake films.

Ayushmann Khurrana in Vicky Donor, Akshay Kumar, Farah Khan, Sajid Khan
Ayushmann Khurrana in Vicky Donor, Akshay Kumar, Farah Khan, Sajid Khan

“Everyone has stood up and noticed the young bloke”, informs a source, “The ones who have been lavish with praise are the likes of Akshay Kumar, Farah Khan and Sajid Khan.”

Incidentally the common element here happens to be John Abraham who has worked with Akshay and Sajid already and has also been roped in by Farah Khan for Happy New Year.

“It was John who had put his faith in Ayushmann and now that he has done well, the talent-starved industry is already putting it’s money on Ayushmann”, says a close associate, “Though there hasn’t been a concrete offer yet from any of the three bigwigs, the very fact that Ayushmann has turned out to be ‘lakhon mein ek’ (as is the film’s tagline as well) is a reason to rejoice for the youngster.”

Though Ayushmann has interacted with all of them earlier due to his stint as a TV host, the situation is different now since any talks from this point on would be pure professional.

When contacted, Ayushmann didn’t deny the kind of calls he has been getting and the attention being garnered upon him. “Yes, John told me about that. Though I can’t call them as my friends since they are way too senior, I am glad that they spoke about me”, he says.

Would the trio of Akshay, Farah and Sajid be the early birds to catch him? Let’s wait and watch.

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