Farah Khan is leaving no stone unturned to promote her upcoming film Tees Maar Khan. The director-producer teamed up with a gaming company to release a Tees Maar Khan branded game on multiple platforms: mobile, IVR, web and DTH platforms, in Mumbai on December 13th.

Inspired from the scenes of the movie, the game lets the user get into Akshay’s shoes as the Tees Maar Khan and rob a bank, museum and even a train. At the event, Farah and Katrina Kaif tried their hand at the game, but it was Akshay who was the most excited. He actually jumped off the table to play the game and invited members of the press to join him in playing the game. He explained that being an avid gamer himself, he was looking forward to playing the game as Tees Maar Khan. On losing the first level of the game, Farah sighed, “Now that the movie is over, I have a lot of time to play the game.”

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