Bigg Boss 7 might have ended but the controversies are still not getting over. The BB 7 contestant, Ajaz Khan, has landed himself into trouble, by making an alleged comment against the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Party Lead, Narendra Modi.


Ajaz, had made an asserted remark about Modi, by calling him ‘chor’ in an episode of the Reality TV show. It was edited and not shown in the aired version of the show. But it was somehow leaked on the Internet.

Ajaz Khan in Bigg Boss 7
Ajaz Khan in Bigg Boss 7

The BJP had registered a complaint against Ajaz and against that complaint he was taken in by the Mumbai police for questioning about the same.

Narendra Modi, is the Prime Ministerial candidate from the BJP front for the 2014 elections, and is the Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat. With that being the hold and image of NaMo, Ajaz’s controversial comment has landed Ajaz in troubled waters.





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