Director Ashwani Dhir Of Son Of Sardaar Movie
Director Ashwani Dhir Of Son Of Sardaar Movie

Son of Sardaar has released and with the film it is quite apparent that a long standing partnership between Ajay Devgn and writer-director Ashwani Dhir has been taken forward. Since they have already collaborated a few times in the past, would it be right to assume that in case of Son of Sardaar, it was more of a case where two friends were working with each other?

Says Ashwani after a brief pause, “See, Ajay and I share a very interesting relationship. When we work together, business is never involved. Friendship is there but then he calls me Sir and I too call him Sir. We have that kind of mutual respect for each other, both as a person and actor/director. It is more of a brotherly feeling rather a friendly feeling. Generally hota aisa hai ki yaari-dosti mein log gaali galauj karke pyaar dikhaate hain. Hamaare beech mein aisa kuch nahi hai. Hum dono izzat karte hain ek doosre ki.”

However one can also see that as a producer as well as the central protagonist of the film, it is Ajay Devgn who is leading from the front as far as the film’s promotion is concerned. On the other hand Ashwani has continued to keep a low profile even though he has enjoyed a couple of decent successes as a director during the years gone by.

“Well, as far as the PR department is concerned, I have left it to Ajay Devgn to handle it all. May be I am shy, may be I just want to concentrate on the making of a film,” says Ashwani, “See, it’s not as if I don’t want myself to be known. However, neither do I have a PR, nor do I go out and party. Otherwise my work is speaking for itself. Even outside the world of films, I have done well by making this most successful satire on the television, ‘Office Office’. That show fetched 60 awards for itself. I always believe that I am here to work instead of going out and selling myself. It is not ego but I let my job speak for itself.”

Here is hoping that this indeed happens for Ashwani, now that the film has hit the screens and finding some good attention coming it’s way.

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