Aditya Narayan on singers not being paid: There's a pandemic in music industry
Aditya Narayan Calls Out Industry For Not Paying Singers: “Just Because Humaari Laachaari Aur Majboori Hai?”

After Neha Kakkar made a shocking revelation about singers not being paid, Aditya Narayan, who has belted out hits like “Main dooba rahoon” and “Tattad tattad” among many others, has seconded her saying that singers don’t get a “single penny” in Bollywood and that there is a “pandemic in the music industry”.

Neha Kakkar had earlier told IANS: “We don’t get paid for singing in Bollywood at all. What happens is they feel that if we give a superhit song, the singer will earn through shows. I get a good amount from live concerts and everything, but Bollywood doesn’t have this scene. To make us sing a song, they don’t pay.”



Aditya Narayan couldn’t agree more to Neha Kakkar. The actor-singer said, “We don’t get a single penny. It’s like they are gratifying us by calling us to sing a song and it’s as if God has touched us, and we have been blessed by the holy spirit. I have a problem with anyone doing anything for free. Let’s not just target the music industry. I am saying don’t make anyone do anything for free. Leave this goodwill. Now this new thing has come up that ‘you would get exposure’. What will I do with the exposure? Put the exposure between my bread and eat? What will I do with exposure when I do not have money to run my house and basic necessities? So please stop exploiting.”

Opening up about why are singers not being paid, Aditya Narayan says, “Why singers are not paid is because 20 singers are made to sing one song and then one company, one producer and actor will decide ‘iska version rakhte hain’ (let’s keep this version). I never see that happening in any other profession. You don’t call 20 actors to shoot a scene and keep one actor’s scene,” said the son of veteran singer Udit Narayan.

Aditya Narayan further said, “So why this behaviour for singers? Just because humari bechari our laachari hai (it is our compulsion)? Just because we have to make ends meet it doesn’t mean that they would do anything. At least give us Rs 1000 for a song? In a nutshell, there are a lot of issues I hope we resolve, which is why I encourage my own generation and forthcoming generation to make their own music,” he said.

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