Abhay Deol On 'Woke Indian Celebrities' Supporting #Blacklivesmatter: "Migrantlivesmatter #Poorlivesmatter #Minoritylivesmatter"
Abhay Deol On ‘Woke Indian Celebrities’ Supporting #Blacklivesmatter: “#Migrantlivesmatter #Poorlivesmatter #Minoritylivesmatter”

Abhay Deol has took to his Instagram to voice his opinion on the current controversy of George Floyd’s death. Amid the chaos, the trend of #blacklivesmatter is been observed by almost everyone on the social media.

Abhay Deol has slammed the so-called ‘woke celebrities’ of Bollywood and has accused them of ignoring the other major problems which are happening in the country. He has posted a photo in which “#migrantlivesmatter #poorlivesmatter #minoritylivesmatter” is written on a paper.


Abhay captions the photo with a detailed note that reads, “Maybe it’s time for these now? Now that ‘woke’ Indian celebrities and the middle class stand in solidarity with fighting systemic racism in America, perhaps they’d see how it manifests in their own backyard? America has exported violence to the world, they have made it a more dangerous place, it was but inevitable that it would come back karmically. I’m not saying they deserve it, I’m saying look at the picture in it’s totality.”


Abhay Deol also adds, “I’m saying support them by calling out the systemic problems in your own country, because they turn out to be one and the same thing. I’m saying follow their lead but not their actions. Create your own actions, your own movement, relevant to your own country. That is what the #blacklivesmatter movement is all about! In the larger picture, there is no “us” and “them”. There is not a country that’s real. But a planet in peril. #migrantlivesmatter #minoritylivesmatter #poorlivesmatter #blacklivesmatter.”

The post has garnered a little over 48,000 likes and around 1800 comments. Fans are showering the actor with praises for his opinion on the matter.

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