Reports suggest that co-stars Abhishek Bachchan and Katrina Kaif are apparently fed up with Aamir Khan’s perfectionist mode of work. Khan who is known to focus a tad bit much on the detailing of his films is giving his colleagues a tough time at the shooting on Dhoom:3.

A leading daily reported that Aamir Khan who is fretting too much over ever minute detail of the film is exasperating his co-stars who unlike him have multiple assignments at the same time. Putting too much attention on one isn’t really possible for them and Aamir Khan with all the fuss he creates about the perfection of each scene of YRF’s upcoming venture Dhoom:3 has tired out his co-stars.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan


Aamir, who is playing the role of sleek antagonist in the film is single mindedly dedicating himself to the project. Recently, his apparent fussiness about work reached the hilt when he informed producer Aditya Chopra that he needs time off work since because he felt that he has put on weight while shooting for Rajkumar Hirani’ P.K., and needed to lose the extra pounds.

YRF is generally in sync with Aamir’s suggestion as long as the fussy delays don’t delay the release of the film. Targeting a December release, the film is expected to be exemplary and Aamir’s perfection intends to help the cause.

Though both Junior Bachchan and Kat are tired of these issues, one has to admit that Aamir has an admirable sense of cinema and his works sometimes do come close to perfect. May be all the fretting, is worth it in the end!




    • They never learn their lessons. Abhishek should be learning from a senior actor instead of whining as for Katrina, she hasn’t even got talent. She’s a waste anyway.

      • Do heroines of commercial cinema need any talent except good looks?In particular Dhoom series. She has good looks and thats is the only reason she was cast.


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