Shankar, whose Endhiran (Tamil) is marching from glory to glory and is on its way to becoming the biggest ever grosser of Indian cinema, must have received hundreds of compliments for his film but Aamir Khan’s praise must be special for the maverick filmmaker. Even before Aamir could watch its dubbed version in Hindi – Robot – at a special screening in Bombay at PVR Juhu on 4th October, the actor complimented Shankar by expressing a strong desire to work with him! It is a well-known fact that any director would give anything to get a chance to work with Aamir Khan. But here, it was the sought-after actor himself making the first move and telling Shankar, “I want to work with you. You should hunt for a script for which we can work together.” Needless to say, Shankar was left blushing after this unique compliment.

Aamir Khan Wants To Work With ‘Endhiran – The Robot’ Director

Two things that come forth by Aamir’s conversation with Shankar:

(1) that Shankar is as sought-after in the field of direction as Aamir Khan is in the field of acting;

(2) that Aamir Khan has no false pride or ego!

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