Perhaps no one has ever accused Aamir Khan for unprofessionalism. But there is always a first time for everything. The actor who has the most stable brand image in the market, is harnessing it right. Charging a hefty 88 crore amount for eight products for a well known group, many company insiders reportedly think this is an unjust deal on part of Khan.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Zoom reporters said that the brand is not too pleased with Aamir’s attitude. Khan whose name has mostly done good to the brands he has been associated with, has not worked off his charm this time. Aamir, who is frantically shifting between P.K. and Dhoom:3 has given the brand’s promotional events a miss every time. Aamir miffed the brand managers further by constantly interfering during the shoot of the commercial which came out focusing exceedingly on Aamir more than the product. A highly offended brand, reporters informed that the brand is seriously contemplating ending the contract with Aamir Khan.




  1. “Zoom reporters said that the brand is not too pleased with Aamir’s attitude.”

    LMAO what a pathetic piece of imagination from a third-rate gossip reporter. These people had lost their credibility a long time ago and now they have stooped to gossiping like dimwits all in the name of journalism.

    BTW srk’s PR machinery is going full throttle these days planting fake stories about Aamir since he hasn’t got anything to talk about his upcoming disaster.

  2. For koimoi only Shahrukh Khan is good, remaining all are bad; specially Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan, now they do not hesitate to attack even Aamir Khan! Just to show how good old boy their Shahrukh is. LoL


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