Everyone knows about Aamir Khan’s disdain for Bollywood award ceremonies, but there’s one award that Aamir does enjoy: The Golden Kela Awards.


Aamir Khan: I Love The Kela Awards; All Others Are Rubbish & Sold

In case you thought that the Golden Kelas is the name of some exotic award function, you couldn’t be more mistaken. In their own words, The Golden Kelas are “dedicated to enlightening Indian movie goers and showcasing the best of the worst of what they pass as cinema in this country”. That’s the Indian Razzies for you folks!

While celebrating his birthday with the media at his home yesterday, Aamir was asked about the awards. Quite unexpectedly, he replied, “I love the Kela awards because the others are rubbish and sold.” Ouch! And to add some spice he reportedly added, “Like someone recently gave the Best Actor award to Shah Rukh Khan.” Aamir said that his vote would have definitely gone to friends Salman Khan for Dabangg or Ajay Devgan for Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. The best bit was when he said that he was looking forward to Salman’s wedding as there was no dearth of women who love Sallu, but the man in question wasn’t picking anyone yet.

Aamir Khan has stayed away from Bollywood award functions for a long long time now. He says that he doesn’t believe in these awards though he does attend other award functions like the Gollapudi Awards and the Academy Awards.

As for the Golden Kela Awards, Shah Rukh Khan won the Worst Actor (Male) for My Name Is Khan, Sonam Kapoor was the Worst Actor (Female) for Aisha.




  1. True komal,
    SRK didnt do anything new in MNIK,
    n look at hrithik in Koi mil gaya…..FANTASTIC
    its really sad what awards are turning out to be in india
    SRK is Worst Actor, And MNIK is worst Film
    Well said Aamir

  2. aamir is great actor,its good that he doesn’t believe on award,yes,awards are sold and rubbish,proof awards in srk pocket.in 2010 I think best actor award deserve for Ajay(OUATIM) and salman(Dabangg).


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