Aamir Khan’s Brother Faisal Khan Calls Out Karan Johar For Misbehaving With Him: “He Insulted Me When…”
Aamir Khan’s Brother Faisal Khan Calls Out Karan Johar For Misbehaving With Him: “He Insulted Me When…”

Unlike Aamir Khan, brother Faisal Khan did not have striking luck. He only was a part of a handful of films in Bollywood. However, many of those witnessed either delay or were unreleased. Years after, amid the Sushant Singh Rajput and nepotism row – Faisal is opening about his time. He has made some startling revelations on Karan Johar insulting him.


Faisal has been a part of some huge films like Mela, co-starring Aamir and Twinkle Khanna. He expected to receive some good projects after that, but that, unfortunately, did not happen. The actor, however, has now shared how he’s been a victim of Bollywood’s mean club too.


It all happened during Aamir Khan’s 50th birthday party. Recalling the incidence, Faisal Khan said Bollywood Hungama, “On my brother’s 50th birthday, I was looked down upon by someone, I don’t wish to take the name. But, Karan Johar acted weird with me; he put me down. He insulted me when I was trying to talk to someone and trying to disconnect with the person I was talking to. So, a lot of such things have happened and even I have been through it. This has happened with me.”

Faisal Khan also revealed about his share of struggles despite being Aamir Khan’s brother. “People would refuse to take me in their office. After Mela I thought people will take me in films after seeing my craft, so I used to go to their offices but they would make me sit there. I wouldn’t get appointments with a lot of directors, so I have seen that phase also,” he shared.

The actor also feels that there’s a higher chancer of insiders flopping as compared to outsiders in the industry. Faisal Khan concluded, “ At the end of the day, you’ll get a break in the industry due to nepotism and favouritism. If your father is a big director then he can make a few calls and people to cast you, but you will have to prove your worth in the end. There’s no theory or formula for success. There are going to be new people coming in both from the insiders and outsiders. In fact, I think that the rate of insiders flopping is higher than that of the outsiders because you get the chance but you’re not successful.”

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