Keeping in shape is something that our stars do very well.But sometimes, they have to wait really long to get back to the bench press.Take Aamir Khan, who has hit the gym again after nearly a gap of 18 to 20 months.

The star, who is currently at his holiday home in Panchgani with wife Kiran Rao, had not been able to devote time to exercising since mid-2008 once he finished his work in Ghajini.Soon thereafter, Aamir got busy with the shooting of 3 Idiots in which he did not need to have a well-toned physique a la Ghajini.

3 Idiots kept him busy as he criss-crossed the country on a promotional tour and then he had the post-release road shows which kept him occupied for almost ten days.Then the busybody was away to the USA with his Peepli Live which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

While he was still holidaying in Los Angeles after the film festival, his father, producer-director Tahir Husain, passed away on 2nd February.Aamir had to rush to India on hearing the news.

Ever since his return on 3rd, the actor had been busy with his widowed mother and family.It was only on 11th February that the star left for Panchgani.A day later, he hit the gym with a vengeance.Hopefully, his exercising will once again become a routine now.

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