Hot looking Mallika Sherawat performing on New Year 2011-2012.
While the year was spent in the company of Obamas, the year ended at a Bombay 5-star.

Looking back at the year gone by and what one of the most media-savvy Bollywood stars did, one is left with a feeling of confusion – what did Mallika Sherawat really accomplish?

Mallika Sherawat is so smart and media-savvy that she can elevate a pimple on her nose to an international ‘happening’! But, thankfully, Mallika is beyond the age of pimples on the nose, at least, and she did not have one to boast of when she met US President Barack Obama for tea in Los Angeles. According to reports – by Mallika herself – Obama asked her to invite him to the premiere of her film, Politics Of Love, Barack, which is set against the backdrop of the 2008 US presidential elections. Last heard, Mallika was thinking about it, and Obama continues to wait anxiously for the invitation. Meanwhile, Mallika was busy rehearsing for the New Year’s Eve dance; no, not at the White House but at someplace more modest, like a Bombay 5-star hotel.

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