Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu

Not a victim but a victor, Bipasha Basu has been a testament to the true warrior princess who has battled all the inner and outer demons with aplomb making way to the top. Shaping her body post her disability has not only made this Bong Babe strong and powerful but also provided her with the ability to cross all hurdles in life.


Today, as our dusky damsel celebrates her Birthday, we bring you a different take of Bipasha, the fitness freak when she opens up on Life and way beyond.

Bipasha’s Inspiration to Fitness: My handicap, Osteoarthritis! I did not ever want to be a girl who is dependent on other people and it was really hard, more because I got it at 23-24. To come to terms with it especially when the doctor told me that I can’t dance, do action or even stand for a long time and have to sit most of my life was difficult for me because I am a super hyper active girl. It kind of broke me down the first three days because I went to the biggest doctors. Then I started learning to love myself and my romance with Fitness started.

Bipasha stays fit and Fabulous because: I want to be a very healthy, sexy old woman!

The secret to a Fitter Bipasha is: The drive! You only have one body that you are living in. This body is providing you with every kind of happiness, whether it is the achievement in your career or love life. Anything and everything comes from this body. If this stops functioning, you cannot do anything else. That is why I am so particular, and to the point I am anal about people looking after themselves and doing something active for themselves. For me, the body is everything.

The Fitness Icon of India according to Bipasha is: The person who got the first awareness about looking good on screen and fitness was Salman Khan years back when we were babies. And it has not stopped since then. Still, every single boy idolizes Salman Khan so I would definitely take his name.

Bipasha’s Diet Regimen comprises of: Breakfast: Six egg whites, mushroom and toast with porridge, skimmed milk and fruits. Lunch: Green veggies, dal, grilled chicken or fish along with a green salad. Dinner: Three veggies cooked in olive oil, grilled chicken or fish.

Someone form Bollywood who should come to Bipasha for fitness lessons: I think everyone is struggling in their own way to reach a balance. But I believe the reasons are wrong. Everyone’s doing it to look good. No one is really doing it to look after their health. A lot of people are following shortcuts and things which are detrimental to their health, specially the Men in the business. There are many shortcut methods available like steroids, growth hormones, fat burners which aren’t good to your health. I believe if you give it some time, you are going to see clear results.

Bipasha’s Fitness Mantra: Love Yourself!

Also, check out some other interesting facts about the Hottie:

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