Bollywood has been quite obsessed with South Indian cinema recently. While we have seen a lot of remakes of the South Indian drama into Hindi Cinema, what is so special about South Indian movies? Well, one of readers has the answer.

Our knowledge about the South cinema may be a little low, so here is a look at the unique facts about their cinema, according to Pulkit (Koimoi Reader). Check out 7 unique facts about South Indian Movies here:

1. Gravity Doesn’t Apply There!


Yeah! South India seems to be so near to the equator that no rule of gravitation applies there. You must have noticed the point in many Tollywood movies where the Hero punches a villain and he is literally in the air for next some days.

2. Style Above Logic!

I bet nobody can be as stylish as South Indian actors, they light up a cigarette by firing a bullet on it! But that’s logical enough as the bad guys have so many connections with the political leaders that the frustrated Policemen have to fire at “something”. Logical enough??!!

3. Stunts Which Bollywood/Hollywood Can’t Even Dream Of!

You may have seen people doing stunts using cycles/bikes/cars, but you simply can’t see a stunt using a Tractor or a Horse anywhere except Tollywood !

4. Every Hero Is A Magician By Default!

A Hero in South Indian movies can decide how much time his bullet will take to reach to the villain, by what way will it go, and how much it will hurt the villain or what gadget will it turn into… a Bomb maybe? (yes, you read it right)

5. Super Protective Bodies Of Heroes And Paper-like Bodies Of Villain

A bullet from the same gun can kill the villain in one go, but won’t kill the Hero with even 10 Bullets fired from the same gun!

6. All Movies Can Be Renamed Into ‘Don’t Try This At Home Part X’

The biggest thing I believe is these movies should come with a permanent notice throughout the whole film in Capital Letters on the screen i.e., “Don’t Try This At Home”

7. I Can’t Explain This In “Words” Anymore! So, I’ve Made A Video Explaining Numerous Facts About South Indian Movies.

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