Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan

Challenging, gritty and extremely determined, Hrithik Roshan is a true epitome of power and vigour as he has revitalized the silver screen with some gorgeous performances to remember him for, and some brilliant dance moves that have taken the nation by a frenzy. On account of his Turning-40-celebration today, we bring you 6 of the possibly Best Gifts that one could give Hrithik Roshan.

1. A Guide on how to maintain Relationships (Love, Friendship blah blah):

Hrithik is known for being catty at times, with most of his contemporary actors. From a brimming spat with Salman Khan over his statements on his Guzaarish to having his 17 year old romantic tale with ex-wife Susanne Roshan coming to an ugly end, Hrithik is always at the wrong end of all the relationships. And now that he has turned single again, after losing the one who he loved the most, it is high time Hrithik buries himself deep into a Book, something like the 101 Ways to Save a Relationship! With him making frantic efforts to bring his wife back in his life (he reportedly met Salman and chatted for hours about it, did you know?), this might possibly be one gift he would love.

2. A Chill Pill:

Hrithik gets angry too soon and too easily now-a-days! From having repeated verbal arguments with the Media to going over board with his statements, Hrithik comes across as extremely shrewd although in reality, he is definitely a much more gentle and humble man. So here’s a Chill Pill for Hrithik ‘coz he desperately needs to stop that flaming fire within him (guess he took the Agneepath poster way too seriously) and get back on cordial terms with Media and his colleagues. Too much of bad press will take you no where, buddy!

3. A Superhero Boon to Heal His Own Pain:

He might have donned the superhero cape with élan in his Krrish episodes but in reality, Hrithik is the one who really needs a Jadoo to heal his own intrinsic pain. Although he started off the New Year on a high, giggling and smiling at a brand launch, deep within, there is a man inflicted with deep wounds across his heart, I feel. The emotional statement he released to the media to announce his separation reveals a lot more about what the actor is undergoing and he definitely needs a super-heroic power which will enable him to cure his own pain. If that could help anything, Duggu!

4. A Book that teaches to accept ‘Criticism’:

Strangely, Hrithik does not take criticism too seriously. Well, we know that actors ridicule critics and their opinions are trashed into the dustbin, but well, we criticize for your betterment, right? But well, our Krrish needs to understand that everything he does would not garner applauses without a solid reason. Same happened for Krrish 3 when Hrithik chose not to speak to a particular section of the Media, including us, who had posted ‘negative articles’ about Krrish 3. Although the film went to become a huge hit, Hrithik took his money spinner way too seriously. Too much of attitude and arrogance, ehh? Curb it down dude and act a little more mature like a Shah Rukh, Salman, Akshay or Aamir who accept criticism so nicely.

5. A Black Thread to keep ‘Buri Nazar’ away:

Yes, Hrithik has been going through a lot of tormentation off late. From accidents to the brain ailment and now even further treatments which were done for the same recently are testament to the bad phase of health that Hrithik is going through. With the black dhaga keeping all the buri nazars away from him by miles, Hrithik would come out as fit as ever and charm us with that chiseled body. Ahh, pure bliss! Uske upar, Hrithik now has too many detractors (people who tried to sabotage Krrish 3 success by calling the figures inflated, silly!) and this kaala dhaga would also help them bohut dur from you!

6. Few Good Scripts:

Hrithik might have created history with his Agneepath stint and smashed a lot more records with Krrish 3, but lets just accept the fact that Hrithik’s performance might be nuanced but there is a lot better than we expect from this actor. Look at a Guzaarish where Hrithik by far has given his best till date. The film might have failed to collect moolah but Hrithik’s Ethan tugged at our hearts. As of now, he needs a lot more good scripts for us to gorge on. We need more of Guzaarish and less of Krrish now, please!

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