Salman Khan, is definitely the master of quirky dance steps! While superstar Shah Rukh Khan can still make a billion hearts beat with just ‘spreading arms’ step he does, he doesn’t have Salman’s style of making several ridiculously hilarious dance steps into HITS!

Koimoi compiles for you the best dance steps of Salman & SRK!

Let’s rewind back to the year – 2004! When Salman Khan found a new use to his ‘Bath Towel’ by doing the brushing-my-crotch step, our King Khan got down on his knees and spread out his arms for his Chemistry teacher – Sushmita Sen – at the College’s ball dance!

A decade later, Salman’s prop worked better it seems… atleast he came up with something new!

Come year 2009, and ‘Wanted’ Salman decides to play with his shirt and collar ala Prabhudeva style. However…Sigh! SRK was still spreading his arms in Billu for Kareena Kapoor…. then once for Deepika… and then again once for Priyanka! Super Sigh! Still no new step!

So, yaaa! Now we are in 2010. Salman is now known as Dabanng Khan! And his pet name is Chulbul! This Bulbul made his WAIST BELT dance for us and how! But… Alas! The other Khan, who is NOT A TERRORIST, was sadly suffering from autism in his film, did not get to spread his arms for his favourite co-star Kajol ala DDLJ style. So guess what? He had to make do with stomping his forehead! Oh O!

Cut to 2011! Salman did ‘Dhinka-Chika’ in this style….But SRK, even as Don, jise 11 mulkon ki puliss dhund rahi hai, chose to not translate his ‘evil’ magic on his same ghisa pita dance step!

Mr. SRK you don’t like doing other steps? :(

This Bodyguard surely knows to sell himself, flaunting the magical muscle power! But… afsos! Our G.One is still giving air-some-bear hugs! Why SRK Why?

Chulbul has grown up now! Sadly enough he is a married man now….so ladies stop eyeing him! Okay….so where were we? Yes! Pandeyji has come up with a new ‘Seeti Step’ and the nation went gaga over it! But… SRK did the unbelievable! He has some caliber to repeat the same step with the same confidence over and over and over and over again! What was funnier this time was that, while every other firang dancer indulged in HIP-HOP and B BOYING, Shah Rukh spread his arms yet again so starkly that you will crack up at this!

King Khan Why You No Do Any Other Step? :( Doesn’t your competition inspire you? No?! Hmmm…

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  1. Faltu article by a faltu person…..did u forget that every time salman dances just to show his bodyand nnothing else…..he can’t dance and so the choreographer makes such dance step where Sally don’t need to show his flexibility as he is not at all flexible…… Pls make this clear Mr. Writer

  2. Salman khan ka shahrukh khan se koi muqabla banta hi nahi hai . . . shahrukh khan ki acting or dancing dono hi salman khan se bohot bohot behter hain

  3. this article author say : by koimoi team…
    what a low hanging weird kind of comparison, I highly doubt that this immature team who posted this, which not only wasted users time but also few 3g data usage ( as the content is loaded with lot of pictures ) are getting paid…
    bcoz of such cheap-bakwass-not at all entertaining news Koimoi’s is loosing users day-by-day….also the Alexa Internet ranking for Best entertainment site, Koimoi is dropping every month.


  5. LOVE U SALMAN… will always be the best……you are an entertainer and that’s what counts….

    Lotsa love from South Africa

  6. Haha!! This is the one of the best satire comparison between Sallu and Shah Rukh. This is so hilarious. To hell with all the Sallu and SRK fans who are now having a battle of words. This is Sallu and SRK, not about you guys. Blabbering against each other’s comments won’t change anything. Just read and enjoy a funny article..and don’t forget the most important – GROW UP !!

  7. oho do you forget SRK lungy dance step or 1234 step in chennai express or foget criminal dance step & chamak chalo in Ra.1 & hole hole in rnbdj criticised dance step of sajda in mnik what do you think SRK should do bhangrha being a suffering from autism hhahahah shame on you koimoi.. and what is the title of this article “6 Best & Worst Dance Moves Of Salman & Shah Rukh” plz mention the 1 worst step of salman, he did all tapory steps in his movies. And i know who is behind this aricle, she also wrote some false article to degrade Great SRK but all in vain she also waste his efforts by writting this craipe article. bechary so jelous of SRK . koimoi always supoort that phaddo craipe writter,, Shame on you koimoi you should read this artile before posting.

  8. haaa haaa good comparison admin….. srk do something new nd give rest to ur arms bcoz its a only part of ur body wch keep on working from past 20yrs….. lol

  9. Admin. Wot a rubbish article
    I think u need some pills
    Salman isnt a good dancer.its just like dat.sometimes his steps just gets popular
    havnt u seen srk dancing in ishq shava though katrina danced better.. Datz y oderwise shahrukh is much much better dancer dan salman

  10. Comparison must like this
    salman – king khan
    masala – non-commercial
    masala comedy – sci-fi
    masala – action
    masala – romance
    masala – comedy romance masala
    masala – dance romance may be
    masala – can’t predict
    masala – can’t predict
    so on……

  11. Dear Koimoi team,

    do not blog / write for the sake of doing it. What utter rubbish , nonsense article … Editor please Grow-up. … Very poor sense .. If this continues – Koimoi’s future will be DARK … Gone in ashes forever …

  12. True. Yeah right. Moves(steps) should change. Different steps in dance looks good. There should be some quirky steps in dance,it shows the talent of dancer/actor. Sallu has superb qualities. Mastermind

  13. In 2004 srk romancing his teacher n salman goes shirt less . In 2009 srk plays super star n sallu going shirt less aah now in every movie he is going shirt less isn’t it boaring

  14. Worst compare u r comparing srk with salman hahaha what a joke salman ko dancing ka d bhi nahi aata kuch bhi karta hai

  15. What kind ofstupid and illogical article by an equally idiotic and stupid person.Salman a good dancer what a big joke LoLs

  16. Such a third class article by Koimoi. Moving belt, showing muscles, hands in pocket are considered as best dance moves..gr8


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