When you are growing up in India, you always run the risk of being intoxicated by Bollywood. And invariably you are. There’s a fillum germ inside every viewer of Hindi films. Koimoi puts together for you the classic and undeniable signs of every movie freak. These signs can never stand so true anywhere else as much in India.

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You Are Invariably A Chalta-Phirta Filmy Encyclopedia

You’ve Watched Most Films So Many Times That You Can Flawlessly Narrate The Dialogues

Weekend Plans Are Always Synonymous With Catching Movies

It’s As Bad As A Calamity If You Miss A Movie

Trashy, Crappy Movies Are Your Favorite. You Enjoy Them More

No Matter What Topic You Are Conversing About, It Somehow Always Ends Up On A Filmy Discussion

You’ve A Bunch Of Mad, Filmy Friends With Whom You Sit And Dissect A Movie Scene By Scene

You’ve Learnt The Biggest Lessons In Life From Films And Not In School

You Walk, Talk, Eat, Dream, Sleep Movies

You Are Perpetually Star Struck And Wait For Your Own Fan Boy Moments

You Switch On Your ‘Sunny Deol’ Mode When You Debating On Movies

You Like Your Money Right Where You Can See It, In A Closet Full Of Movie DVDs

Movies Are Tailor Made For The Big Screen. It Is An Insult To Movies If You First Watch Them On Television

You Are Known For Your Dialoguebaazi Amongst Friends. All Filmy! None Original

Even Your Originals Seem Right Out Of A Bollywood Fillum

You Remember Which Dialogue Was Said When At Which Point In The Film

You Even Remember The Dialogues Of Extras

You Never Read The Main Paper. News Begins With Entertainment Supplements

You Are Always Hunting For A Bollywood Night At Clubs. Party Won’t Be Party Without That!

Your Fashion Code Is Bollywood. You Have Religiously Bought Stuff That Became Trendy Thanks To A Film!

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