Who knew the act of dying is an art. We clubbed some of the funniest death scenes ever. Forget about getting emotional, looking at these you would end up teary-eyed only after laughing your guts out.


Check out these hilarious death scenes right here:

Bollywood's Funniest Death Scenes
Bollywood’s Funniest Death Scenes

Dying In Slo-Mo After 6 Bullets? All We Could Say Was – “Ahhhhhh”

Hop-Skip-Jump…And He Is Dead!

Is That How 2 Rs People Die?? LOL!!

And That Is How The ‘Izzat Lootnewale’ Die!

Well Akki Doesn’t Die Here. But His Weird ‘Jhatkas’ Jab Woh Marne Wala Tha Almost Are Priceless!

Is That A Death Orgasm? (Sure, Sounds Like It!)

And This Is A Epic Jump To Death Scene!

*Sob* *Sob* Best Dying Speech… Until The Last Breath.., (Okay! Dude That’s Enough, Die Now!)

What Is Happening Here? A Dying Man, A Baby And Nirupa Roy. Phew!

Well, Isse ‘Maut’ Kehte Hai! :P

Back From The Dead! Excuse Me, Sir Are You Dying Or Not?!?

When A Man Is Dying In Your Arms, Give Weird Orgasmic Expressions!

Main Pehle Gaana Khatam Karungy. Then I’ll Do Some Sexy Dance Moves. And Yeah! Then I Think I’ll Die.

Have A Smoke, Count Your Cash, And Blabber Sh*t Coz Dying Is A Loonggggg Process!

What’s Your Akhree Khwaish Ha?

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