Star rating: 2/5 (Two Stars)


Music Director: Meet Bros Anjan Ankit, Chirantan Bhatt, Anand Raj Anand

Zanjeer‘s music is nothing like its 1973 version and in the first shot itself, one can see how unimpressive its faulty tracks are. While veterans Kalyanji-Anandji can’t count on Zanjeer amongst their best albums, music director Chirantan Bhatt with his contemporary twist makes a convoluted album which has mediocre tracks and dull numbers!

Priyanka Chopra And Ram Charan Teja in Zanjeer 2013 Movie Music Review (Priyanka Chopra And Ram Charan Teja in Zanjeer 2013 Movie Stills)
Priyanka Chopra And Ram Charan Teja in Zanjeer 2013 Movie Stills

Mumbai Ke Hero – Zanjeer Music Review

Beginning off with Mumbai Ke Hero, which is loaded with heavy voice Big B dialogues from the original film, has the reminiscent nostalgic tug to it. Talia Bentson with the Brit rapping could just have been left out for the good of the song. It is an anthem number that paints a very cool picture of the Mumbai Police!

Pinky – Zanjeer Music Review

Pinky is a washed down ala Munni number which is served with Marathi spicy! Quite an entertaining number, it surely isn’t as peppy as the likes of Munni but it still doesn’t falter as bad as the rest of the album.

Lamha Tera Mera – Zanjeer Music Review

Lamha Tera Mera is wonderfully thought song for sure, however, in the process of execution it goes haywire. Wajhi and Palak Muchchal have beautiful voices that blend finely to compliment each other. Not entirely enjoyable as the beats lose focus from time to time, you can be assured that there is potential in the song which doesn’t see the light of the day.

Khochey Pathan Ki Zubaan (Qawaali) – Zanjeer Music Review

Kochey Pathan is a brilliantly created qawalli. Fashioned on Manna Dey’s Yaari Hai from the original film, Sukhwinder Singh’s energetic voice renders credible mood and tunes to the song! Not at par with iconic memorabilia Yaari Hai…this one still counts as the best track from the album.

Kaatilana – Zanjeer Music Review

Shweta Pandit sings Kaatilana with fantastic energy. Giving the right amount of sensuous and grace to the song, it is a well create song that strike the right notes and is favorable to the ears!

Shakila Baanoo – Zanjeer Music Review

Shreya Ghosal in the character painted song Shakila Baanoo is flat like the song itself. It doesn’t seem vivacious and the song is quite a yawn incurring bore!

The Last Word – Zanjeer Music Review

An overtly tedious album that rambles on sluggish with barely a few hearable numbers, I cannot settle for anything above 2/5 for this one. Kochey Pathan and Kaatilana, both had some potential but overall the album stumbles for the dwindling energy and lack of creative bent!

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  1. Disgusting Review….
    I would have given 4*/5. Mumbai Ke Hero is Rocking and the background music is awesome. Pinky is truly awesome and anyone can groove to it. Lamha Tera Mera is my favourite which is Just a Smashing Romantic Music Video. Kochey Pathan Ki Zubaan is outstanding and all others are enjoyable. This is what a good review should have been.
    Learn Something from my review.

  2. that reviewer is a jerk hater loser pig he has no sense about songs while pinky is the fullest dhamaka best amazing massy dancing party item song pc rocks then mumbai ke hero rules with a heroism style n amazing lyrics n tunes after then lamha such a romantic soft track soothing to the ear simply awesome then comes khochey a superb fabulous qawali n then the rest like katilana shakila r average nice songs


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