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Music Director/s: Anu Malik, Abhishek Ray, Meet Bros Anjan, Mika Singh, Komail Shayan (KK)

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Welcome Back starring Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar, John Abraham and Shruti Haasan is all set to hit the theaters soon. The film’s soundtrack has ten songs and well, I am expecting they will be high on the commercial quotient.

John Abraham and Shruti Haasan in a still from movie 'Welcome Back'
John Abraham and Shruti Haasan in a still from movie ‘Welcome Back’

Tutti Bole Wedding Bole Di – Welcome Back Music Review

Wedding numbers are always a hit in most Bollywood albums since they are consumed highly by the audience. Tutti Bole Wedding Di is quite a typical wedding number with lots of chorus and colorful beats. Sung by Shipra Goyal, Ashish, Ved, Ruchir, Bipin and Ambresh, the song has been composed by the duo who are off late known for their hit numbers, Meet Bros Anjjan. The song is a typically loud number with a large canvas on the video too as the whole town dances on it. Other than being played at actual weddings, this song will not enjoy much popularity.

20-20 – Welcome Back Music Review

Mamta Sharma – the voice of item songs returns after the recent phase of Kanika Kapoor. She croons 20-20 along with Anu Malik and Shadab. There is no limit of how senseless the song lyrics can be and here is another example of that. ‘Main Babli hui, Tu Bunty Hua‘ is what lyricists call writing a song these days. The song stoops even lower with the 20-20 usage. With repetitive beats and awfully shallow lyrics, this song is a complete turn off. Why on earth would they put it in a comedy-family film? No clue!

Welcome Back Title Track – Welcome Back Music Review

The Welcome Back title track is a club number with throbbing beats. Mika Singh energizes this song with his vocals. Music MG composes this song and gives it his own spin. The title track of Welcome was a popular one and well, this one may impress people with its new approach. Geeta Jhala’s husky voice sounds quite nice in this track.

The Beat mix of this song starts off with Welcome’s title track and later picks up into a heavy EDM number. A complete party song, this may find a place in the club chartbusters. I preferred the beat mix version over its normal title track thanks to its high paced beats.

Meet Me Baby – Welcome Back Music Review

Meet Me Baby is an annoyingly peppy number that comes off as a desperate attempt to make you groove. Siddhant Madhav composes it, trying to introduce it as a fresh upbeat number but all it sounds like is jumbled noise. Ladies, Pawni Pandey and Hyacinth Dsouza give him company but the chorus too doesn’t work.

Of course it also has a remix version too where, Harshit Saxena steps into the shoes of Siddhant. It sounds quite similar to the original. With minor additions and vocal changes, this one too does not manage to impress.

Time Lagaye Kaiko – Welcome Back Music Review

This song seems to be a pathetic attempt at aping a conversational number like Ae Kya Bolti Tu but is not even half as good. ‘Time Lagaye Kaiko, Ban Ja Meri Bayko‘ is what the song starts with and keeps running around in the same rhyming cycle. John Abraham croons the male lead lines and well, I think he should never take the mike again. To keep him company, the female vocals are sung by Anmol Malik and, let’s just say she is better than John but not very appropriate either. The irritating lyrics of the song make it difficult to hear full even in the first go.

Nas Nas Mein – Welcome Back Music Review

Nas Nas Mein is another song that is typically always present in movies such as Welcome Back. These party songs are always pushed in films having least connection to them. Meet Bros Anjjan, Shabab Sabri, Rani Hazarika, Deane Sequeira come together for the vocals. There is nothing appealing in this song neither the beats nor its lyrics. It also reminds us of Ishq Bector’s Harry Is Not A Bramhachari in some way.

Damaa Dam Mast Kalandar – Welcome Back Music Review

Dama Dam Mast Kalanadar makes an appearance in this album too. The song has been remade in various versions and this has been composed by Mika Singh and even has Honey Singh in it. It is slightly different from the song we heard in their music video which released sometime back. Although, the big question is, how does this song blend in this comedy film which is dominated by party tracks.

Welcome Back -Theme – Welcome Back Music Review

The Welcome Back theme is completely different from what is served in the entire album. Abhishek Ray has composed it and it is full of Jazz. He even sings it and I guess the song could be used for the credits or at the introductory time. Not a very enjoyable number!

The Last Word – Welcome Back Music Review

The Welcome Back album is overall a typical number with tracks that seem completely ‘been there, done that’ types. Songs which will definitely become popular are, ‘Tutti Bole Wedding Di‘ and 20-20. Finding it overly chaotic and forcibly upbeat, I am going with a 2/5 for this album.




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