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Music Director: Sanjeev Srivastava

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The first look at the poster of Revolver Rani reminds of some pre-neoliberal North Indian rowdy comic book but the album is a pure balance of aesthetics, satire and even a bit of thematic experimental rock. Of course, folk plays a major role and so does romance. It’s a balanced album and no, it does not bore you for a change by delivering similar lyrics and monotones, album after album. Instead, Sanjeev’s creation pays off.

 Kangana Ranaut and Vir Das in a still from movie 'Revolver Rani'
Kangana Ranaut and Vir Das in a still from movie ‘Revolver Rani’

Revolver Rani Title Track – Revolver Rani Music Review

Cowboy is back! So is the distant early 1980s, late 1970s rowdy whistling and the disc tone of wakkao! Overall, this track takes you through time and transports you to some rowdy hinterland of the post-industrial nation. Usha Utthup returns to Bollywood with all her grace and dynamo. This song stands out not only in the entire album but across this genre of ‘desi’ that Bollywood is currently overusing. The music is very thematic and a lay out of the movie lay in the lyrics by Puneet Sharma.

Thaaye Kare Katta – Revolver Rani Music Review

Sung by Piyush Mishra, this song might be one of those social satires but it does not tend to being didactic. It is not at all monotonous as far as music is concerned and I can go far enough to say Puneet Sharma has attempted to challenge the social hierarchies of romance with his lyrics.

Kaafi Nahi Chaand – Revolver Rani Music Review

The legendary Asha Bhonsle and her majestic intonations bring this song alive. It is the romantic song and might be the one that stays long after the rest of the album is forgotten. Lyrics by Shaheen Iqbal add an inevitable subtlety to the number. Of course, semi-classical being the genre, it is a slower track but not one that would put you to sleep.

Chal Lade Re Bhaiya – Revolver Rani Music Review

It smells of rebellion as far as lyrics are concerned. Puneet Sharma pens it down and Piyush Mishra leads at vocals. Additional voices have been lent by Abhishek Mukherjee and Mayor Vyas. The tone set for the song is very earthy and that has been noticed for the choice of the musical instruments too.

Sulgi Hui Hai Raakh – Revolver Rani Music Review

The music composer himself sings this number and does a fine job at it. Here, Sanjeev Srivastava and Gorisa have lent their voice for this number. Yet again Shaheen Iqbal pens the song. The genre can be taken as experimental rock with the mediating changes that Bollywood can introduce to it.

Banna Banni – Revolver Rani Music Review

Rekha Bharadwaj is a sheer pleasure to lend your ears to. Puneet Sharma at lyrics does a nice job of bringing to the listener a pen picture of a very subaltern romance. The background is monotonous but that does not meddle badly with the overall feel of the number. It is a sweet song and one could not but tap her feet to it. The genre would be a breed between folk and Bollywood.

I Am Brutal – Revolver Rani Music Review

This is a thematic score and the music line up reminds one of the Don series starring Shah Rukh Khan. Sanjeev Srivasatav does lend his voice to this number but the modulations camouflage it and it becomes a score outline and not really a song. It is neither rap of any sort. Over all, it is a no good number in the album to increase count of items.

Saawan Ki Aye Hawa – Revolver Rani Music Review

Garima Aneja’s vocals complete the sweet and subtle lyrics penned by Puneet Sharma. The credit for the rap goes to Rahul Gandhi. Folk and ‘desi’ come together and work out well as far as the genre of the number is concerned. It’s a thematic on romance and seasons and does help to soothe the senses after a tiring weekday.

Bol Rahi Hai Payal – Revolver Rani Music Review

The 1990s get manifested in this number. Avi Dutta tries to do a Kumar Sanu at the vocals and whether that works or not, it sure helps us teleport to another era. Shaheen Iqbal’s lyrics furthers the charm. Anweshaa accounts for the female counterpart in the song. This song is what one would take a step further and call Bollywood – the distinctive genre in itself.

Pehle Lohe Ki Chingari – Revolver Rani Music Review

This track brings out a very different amalgamation of intonations and pitches. It is both a powerful rendition and a soothing one too. The building tempo tells the story with a commendable finesse. Sameera, Gorisa, Keka and Manjeera along with backing vocals by Gorisa compliment Puneet Sharma’s lyrics. One would have to take time out and actually listen to the number to like it instead of just swaying to a tune.

Chanda Ki Katori (Both the versions) – Revolver Rani Music Review

Garima Aneja’s misty voice does justice to this lovely number. It’s an improvised rendition of a lullaby. At lyrics we see Puneet Sharma. It is, to put it in a clichéd way, a short and sweet composition. Piyush Mishra sings the male version and it is a semi classical track which perfectly fits his trademark voice.

We Mix You Michael Jackson – Revolver Rani Music Review

This song will remind you of the Disco Dancer alongside the Moonwalker. So yes, in all totality, ‘mix’ is justified. The hilarious lyrics further make this a fun listening experience. Saleem Javed at vocals makes us think of a younger Bappi Lahiri!

Zardozi Lamhe – Revolver Rani Music Review

Moin Sabri is the star of the album. His ordinary voice adds a fresh simplicity to the composition. It is the most romantic number in the album and semi classical is defined by a line of contemporary instruments making the song near perfect. Of course, Shaheen Iqbal at lyrics helps to complete the essence of the number.

The Last Word – Revolver Rani Music Review

The success of the movie aside, the album is definitely worth listening to. It’s a miracle how Sanjeev Srivastava has kept the music fresh even after including ‘desi’ and folk as major genres when the recent trend in Bollywood has almost made them go stale. Puneet Sharma too does not disappoint. Also, one cannot possibly forget the much revered Asha and Usha, the stars of this album.

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