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Bollywood music is seeing some greener days finally. After hearing the terrific soundtrack of Highway, here is another breathtaking yet fresh album from Amit Trivedi who definitely is emerging as the Burman of this generation. His taste is Bohemian, the rendition is earthly and the beats are extremely sprightly. Trivedi’s spirited work has a conspicuous versatile flavor to it. He can deliver memorable music ranging between the variants of Lootera‘s old worldly charm to Queen‘s contemporary chart-buster flavor. With Queen’s music that was launched pompously at Mumbai’s popular Kalaghoda Art Festival last evening, Trivedi proves that he is here to create an enviable niche of his own and has no qualms in tampering with the prevalent norms of Bollywood music.

Kangana Ranaut and Lisa Haydon in a still from movie 'Queen'
Kangana Ranaut and Lisa Haydon in a still from movie ‘Queen’

London Thumakda – Queen Music Review

The album begins with an ultimate track and Trivedi ensures that there is no flaccid dip in this pitch perfect Hinglish fiesta. It is an uninhibited song that is full of engrossing excitement. The naughtiness of a young to-be bride fascinating about her honeymoon is hilarious and sweet. The emotive music blends well with the lyrical set up. Singers Neha Kakkad, Labh Janjua and Sonu Kakkad do a brilliant job as this one remains the album most energetic number.

Badra Bahaar – Queen Music Review

If you have no grasp over fusion music, this one cannot fascinate you. The musical arrangement is captivating. The lyrics tell a riveting tale of disillusionment and yet it doesn’t go sappy at any point. Trivedi handles this one with class and his heavy voice fuses in the required gravitas in the song. It is one of recent times’ most perfectly done fusion song from Bollywood where rock and classical slips in together with such irrevocable ease.

O Gujariya – Queen Music Review

The song starts with such smooth uncommonly beats that you’ll be left tripping on this number. The lyrics blend supremely with the voices of Shefali Alvares and Nikhil D’Souza. The music is zany and yet the rhythm prevails all through. The trance feel in the number has me going ballistic over it. Makes me wanna say, ‘Show me how to party!’

Taake Jhankey – Queen Music Review

Arijit Singh’s light voice enriches this wonderfully frothy love song. Trivedi deserves a standing ovation for orchestration of this song. The beats are kept simple and yet it is one inspired handling on part of the music director. It is an endearing love ditty and is very addictive. The album’s hummable best!

Jugni – Queen Music Review

It is a liberating song and Amit Trivedi brings in the scenario effectively, the whiffing taste of freedom. Sung by Amit himself, yet again, the song had me reminiscing about the iconic Sound of Music track ‘How Do You Solve A problem Like Maria’. It is essentially a song filled with mirth and fun building a similar ambiance. Kudos to the lyricist whose words evoke laughter and smiles in abundance and to Trivedi’s credit he doesn’t dilute the feel good flavor of it even by an inch. The light heartedness of the song is its USP and Trivedi’s voice turns delicate for the number

Harjaiyaan – Queen Music Review

Nandini Srikaar does a satiating job with this song that could have easily gone melodramatic given its heavy hearted inklings. But both the music director and the singer handle it with maturity making the lyrics more relevant. It is kept slow on purpose perhaps but climaxes into something substantial and valuable without indulging excessively in philosophies.

Kinare – Queen Music Review

Trivedi and the singer Mohan Kanan actually do an indianized form of Coldplay music. It starts slow but evolves into more fast paced as the crucial titular word turn into a fastener for the track. Trivedi’s instrumentation might have fared better with a little more brushing up but the blatant descriptiveness and emphasis on the word Kinare works. Heavy percussionist sounds adds a rare value to the song.

Ranjha – Queen Music Review

Trivedi gives conventional ballads which uses the usual percussion a miss. With ‘Ranjha’ he reloads the aura from Lootera‘s Zinda. The strings do the somber with restraint and yet it is melody in the crooning which will return to haunt you every time you give this song a listen.

The Last Word – Queen Music Review

Every song in this album is a winner in its own right. Amit Trivedi is unusual and is known to create his own norm by refusing to fall into any random moulds of stereotypical understanding. Once again after last year’s poetry in music, Trivedi has evolved another album that matches the marvel expected of him. Giving us amusing, delightful, enthralling composition Trivedi’s memorable music from Queen wins my heart. I am going with a 4/5 and wishes that Trivedi is more frequent in the commercial music scenario.

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