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Music Directors: Shankar Mahadevan, Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy Mendonsa

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Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy have come up with One By Two album projecting two moods of music direction, both experimental and present-day conservative Bollywood. Present-day Conservative would basically define why the album has the more common assortments of music, for example, one on love, one on life gone wrong, a few against the society’s predominant views of youth, and so on and so forth. Of course, there is the reprise version of the love song that takes your heart away. But apart from that, I really wouldn’t know if this counts for a place in the list of the trio’s best creations. Amitabh Bhattacharyya is back with his pen as the lyricist and as the album is a mixed bag of songs for several emotions, Amitabh does a commendable work here.

Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai from movie 'One by Two'
Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai from movie ‘One by Two’

Khushfehmiyan – One By Two Music Review

We love the ride cymbal and crash cymbal. Especially so because it keeps the song light yet adds the energy to the most romantic song in the album. Contemporary Bollywood could be the only specified genre for this number. We would like to keep it in our experimental section especially because it combines the chorus with the lead male voice and yet keeps the drums prominent and in sync with the chorus. The guitar does its trick in the unplugged version, which by the way is ranking over the original version in most FM channels. Shankar Mahadevan lends his voice to this song.

I’m Just Pakaoed – One By Two Music Review

This is your Monday – morning song, especially so if you are one of those executives in some corporate house. Crash Metal meets desi lyrics in this number. The lyrics revolve around a lot of daily nuances and irritations. This Hinglish number adds the huff to the album and might be a little too heavy when you are all happy and calm, but it goes down pretty well with a tequila shot. Electric metal has been used exceptionally casually in this number and might not be exactly one of the best uses so far. This number has Siddharth Mahadevan at lyrics.

Kaboom – One By Two Music Review

Trying too hard to be a youth anthem, what the song actually achieves is a very Venga Boys – meets – Beyonce feel to it. We love the Continental Saharan music and to take a bit too far, we might even risk to like the lyrics, if not absolutely love it, for the touch of self-assurance. May be this one is one of those friends-on-a-long-drive number. Again, we love the jungle drums! Anushka Manchanda’s voice is fresh and peppy and fits the song just fine.

Khuda Na Khasta – One By Two Music Review

Arijit Singh does justice to this semi classical number and we love all that the song has borrowed from the Sufi genre. With a mixture of instruments and Hindustani Classical, the number actually stands as the most mature one in the entire album. Of course, Amitabh Bhattacharyya brings back the kind of enchantment he produced in Lootera with his lyrics.

Baat Kya Hai – One By Two Music Review

A neo-rock genre is predominant in the number and it kind of gets a bit too repetitive to keep listening to life’s dark side accounts in the same album over and over again. May be that prejudice stops us against giving a fair review to this number. So we will leave it to the listeners to decide the fate of this number. We love the subtlety of the keyboard that is for sure. Clinton Cerejo lends his voice to song.

Sheher Mera – One By Two Music Review

It’s the freshest number in the album. After a long time, whistling is back! Very 1960-ish and very good, we say! If you are down and drowsy, this adds life to the mood. Experiential progressive genre of music does justice to the lyrics and this turns out to be one of those numbers that suits both noons and midnights of your city life. Thomas Andrews naturally adds life to the song by working out the vocals with exact emotions.

The Last Word – One By Two Music Review

This is not a remarkable album but that can’t take away credit from some individual numbers which we believe are here to stay. The combination of songs fit right for almost all moods of music, probably except classical and country but then again, this is Bollywood and we can only critic so much.

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