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Music Director/s: Vishal Khurana


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Neerja starring Sonam Kapoor is all set to release this Friday. The film is based on a real-life incident dealing with the death of a 23 year-old flight attendant named Neerja Bhanot, on a hijacked flight in Karachi. The film’s soundtrack is a small four song album composed by Vishal Khurana.

Sonam Kapoor in a still from movie 'Neerja'
Sonam Kapoor in a still from movie ‘Neerja’

Let’s have a look at the album here:

Jeete Hai Chal – Neerja Music Review

Jeete Hai Chal is a beautiful composition. The lyrics penned by Prasoon Joshi are extremely heart-warming. Vishal Khurana’s musical arrangements blend well with the lyrics and Kavita Seth’s vocals. Considering the film is not a sing and dance dramedy, the song will form for a great background score.

Aankhein Milayenge Darr Se – Neerja Music Review

The second song from the album is Aankhein Milayenge Darr Se. This seems like an unnecessary addition to the album. Even though the lyrics are quite powerful, making it a song seems stupid. Crooned by K. Mohan and Neha Bhasin, this is not a song one would listen to as an audio track. It will immediately lose its buzz post the film release. No longevity expected from this one!

Gehra Ishq – Neerja Music Review

Gehra Ishq crooned by Shekhar Ravjiani is a romantic number. Lyrically the song is soothing, unfortunately same cannot be said about its music. This is more like a one-time hear song. Not particularly a romantic number that will appeal to the heart.

Aisa Kyun Maa – Neerja Music Review

Aisa Kyun Maa is an emotional song that describes the love of a mother for her daughter. Get set to sit with a tissue-box when you hear this song because it will certainly bring tears to your eyes. The heart-wrenching song has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan.

The Last Word – Neerja Music Review

The soundtrack of Neerja is an average one. Other than Jeete Hai Chal, there is no song that will enjoy any longevity. Also since Neerja being the kind of film that does not really have to stress much on the music part since it is a content-based film,one was not expecting a kickass album. I am going with a 2/5 for this.



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