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Music Director/s: Ankit Tiwari, Jeet Ganguly


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Mr. X starring Emraan Hashmi in the lead is a new superhero drama where Emraan accidentally gets invisibility powers. Since the film has been directed by Vikram Bhatt, there was an expectation that the music of the film will be extremely good just like most of Bhatt films. Unfortunately, Mr. X suffers an ill fate as the album composed by Ankit Tiwari and Jeet Ganguly is far from being enjoyable.

Emraan Hashmi and Amyra Dastur in a still from movie 'Mr. X'
Emraan Hashmi and Amyra Dastur in a still from movie ‘Mr. X’

Mr. X Music Review – Tu Jo Hain

It has become customary for all films to have at least one Ankit Tiwari number and while I have no qualms about it, what is disappointing is that all of them sound the same. With Tu Jo Hain, Ankit Tiwari once again gives us a composition which is very close to his previous works of ‘Tu Hai Ki Nahi‘ from Roy and his tracks from Khamoshiyan. It is a slow romantic number which could have worked its magic if only it had not borne a striking similarity to his other songs which makes it impossible to hear after a while. Its high time that Ankit seeks inspiration from different forms of music apart from his own.

Mr. X Music Review – Mr. X

The title track of Mr. X has been composed by Jeet Ganguly. Even though the song may start on a bit of a mysterious note and Milli Nair’s vocals sound nice, eventually this song turns into a disaster. In the lieu to dish out an experimental track, the composer fails miserably. The song lyrics make no sense and hence it is difficult to even hear the entire song. This is an unnecessary addition to the album.

Mr. X Music Review – Saad Shukrana

Once again an Ankit Tiwari number that sounds exactly like him. He seems to have now created his own genre and hence it looks like he keeps crooning in the same style. Another, slow and sad song coming out from this singer. Ankit does what he is best at and continues with his high pitch singing in this one. He tries to experiment a little with the instruments yet it does not help the song much. It is better than Tu Jo Hai but not the best from the album.

Mr. X Music Review – Alif Se

With Alif Se, Ankit Tiwari finally expands his music. For a change, the song is fast paced and has an Arabic flavor. He sings it with Neeti Mohan whose vocals sound extremely good for a track like this. There is a mix of club beats with a middle eastern flavor and thankfully Ankit tries to even sing it a little differently than his own style. Not an extraordinary track, but at least an experimental one.

Mr. X Music Review – Teri Khushboo (Male & Female)

Teri Khushboo composed by Jeet Ganguly has two versions of it, male and female. The male version has been sung by Arijit SIngh and I have to say this is the best track in the album. It is again a sad song but thanks to Arijit’s singing, but high on soulful quotient. The female version has been sung by Palak Muchchal and somehow, that does not work. Palak’s voice is extremely sweet but Teri Khushboo being a sad song, her voice fails to weave the pain and bring out the lyrics.

Mr. X Music Review – The Last Word

Mr. X album is a typical album with nothing fresh. It sounds highly repetitive and the composers rely on the usual Bhatt film feel and compose songs that have been heard before. Ankit Tiwari is getting stereotyped and Jeet Ganguly does not offer anything praiseworthy. Overall the music album is boring and I am going with a 2/5 for the album.

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