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Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya, Meet Bros Anjjan, Yo Yo Honey Singh

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The much-awaited music album of Salman Khan’s upcoming action film is full on filmy. With music that will make every Bollywood freak go crazy, the composers Himesh Reshammiya, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Meet Bros Anjjan have done a great job with this album. Catchy is the word for this quirky music album of Kick.

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez in a still from movie ‘Kick’
Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez in a still from movie ‘Kick’

Hangover – Kick Music Review

While a typical romantic number would consist the cliched ‘Pyaar’, the track ‘Hangover’ comes out as a breath of fresh air. This love song is nothing like you have heard before, with ample of transitions and a good use of instrumentation. Hangover is successful at engaging you in the very first go. If the music was any less good, the surprising element is that Salman Khan sings it. He sounds himself and you are forced to love it. This duet of Shreya Ghoshal and Salman can evoke romance in just the right spirit. Composed by Meet Brothers, this song is a quality number in the album.

Jumme Ki Raat – Kick Music Review

Right before its release, the song was touted to be the ‘Eid Anthem’. Well, I disagree, this song is not just a Eid song but with its upbeat spirit it could be a festive number for any given occasion. Composed by Himesh Reshammiya, the song is an excellent exception to his style of music which majority of times has been quite repetitive. Listing out what works for this song is really easy, for firsts, the opening tune itself is catchy. The second highlight of the song is Mika Singh’s vocals. His singing has the magnitude to take the song to another level. This one is a superhit number!

Tu Hi Tu – Kick Music Review

‘Tu Hi Tu’ is like finding a Mohit Suri film song in a Salman Khan film. The song is a soothing romantic number; again a surprise that it is a Himesh Reshammiya composition. This is one song that gives depth to the album since the others are more sprightly numbers.

Yaar Na Miley – Kick Music Review

If you thought a Honey Singh number has to be hip hop, well think again and listen to this one. ‘Yaar Na Miley’ is an excellent number from this album. The energetic song is a great work by Honey Singh and the female vocalist Jasmine Sandlas is a discovery, as her voice takes this song to another level. In one shot itself, the song really hooks you and your favorite line has to be ‘Tere Bina Kick Mujhe Milti Nahi’. With its fast pace, the track will surely become a superhit at clubs and lounges.

Jumme Ki Raat (Salman Khan Version) – Kick  Music Review

Although this is not a remix version of the original, the specialty is Salman Khan’s vocals. The actor seems to have really shed all his singing fears and come out loud with this one. Sounding all confident, Salman sings his heart out with ‘Jumme Ki Raat’. Who knew, Salman could give Mika Singh a tough competition? The high-spirited song maintains its energy even with Salman’s vocals which may not be technically right but are highly enjoyable.

Tu Hi Tu Reprise – Kick Music Review

The reprise version of Tu Hi Tu is again as soothing as the original. In the vocals of Neeti Mohan, the song is powerful with its romantic feel. There is less of variation in the music as compared to the original. It is one of those songs that you may want to listen to on quiet evenings all by yourself.

Hangover (Mba Swag) – Kick Music Review

This Hangover mix is just like any other remix. It has been typically tweaked to suit the club goers. A party track needs the perfect beats and thus with a DJ on board for this number, Meet Bros Anjjan change the sweet, romantic original track to a fast paced number. It could be a perfect choice if you are one of those who need a high energy mornings or a good choice for morning work outs.

Tu Hi Tu (Salman Khan Version) – Kick Music Review

Yet another time, ‘Tu Hi Tu’ is back in the album but this time with Salman Khan’s vocals. It seems the actor really enjoyed his singing stint with this album and decided to try singing all the tracks once. Since the composition itself is a nice one, you may enjoy it even in an untrained voice of Salman.

Jumme Ki Raat Remixes – Kick Music Review

And again I say whoever said this was the ‘Eid Anthem’, this remix is a perfect Navratri number or for that matter suitable for any festive occasion. Almost reminding you the beats of the famous Shahid Kapoor track ‘Dhating Nach’, this song wins you over with its tempo. I almost loved this number enough to actually start dancing to it. Also there is another version of this remix with vocals by Mika Singh and it surely is as good as this one.

Hangover Remix – Kick Music Review

Being a lover of Latino music and their beats, the instant connection I found with this song was expected. ‘Hangover Remix’ has the feel almost close to the Latin salsa music which makes it quirky. It is easily likable, not the best one from the album but still a decent one.

Tu Hi Tu Remixes – Kick Music Review

There is nothing special about this remixes of ‘Tu Hi Tu’! Just the fact that there are three different tracks each sung by different vocalists. The song seems an unnecessary addition to the album. In fact after listening to these tracks, I found the original track also losing its charm. While the original and the reprise version are good enough, these remixes were certainly not required.

The Last Word – Kick Music Review

The music album of Kick is a superhit album giving the perfect Bollywood touch. Upbeat, peppy and high spirited tracks is the highlight of this music album. Also not to mention Salman Khan’s singing turns out quite impressive with this soundtrack. All in all, after having a good time listening to this ‘tadakta fadakta’ album, I will go with a 3.5/5 for it.

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  1. haters don’t bark here………u will get ur kick this eid …………sure shot blokbuster…………..

  2. wow, …………………so awsm album…………this one going for 300 crores………….and this album 5 stars….

  3. There is a huge hype associated with the release and box office performance of this film. Everyone talks 300 crores but no one is interested on the quality, story, direction and screenplay of this film. Yes, movie will fare well at the box office but to achieve anything more than 200 Crs, you need to have a film not only with critical acclaim but a very positive word of mouth for which I see no possibility for ‘Kick’. The film seems very ameteur and I think the fans will understand that this Salman Khan’s same shit needs to stop now. Grow up fells! Take your parents for a dinner and see a smile on their face instead. FYI I AM NOT A SRGAY FAN EITHER

  4. Music of KICK is very disappointing. Stale words, stale tunes. Did not expect from Salman starrer film. Even film is a mix of Dhoom3, Jai ho and Krish3. Time waste. Not recommended to watch.


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