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‘I M 24’ has been in the news and making for a long time and finally is getting released today. It’s an urban metro movie produced by Planman Pictures and directed by Saurabh Shukla. Just like all other movies of this genre, case in point being ‘Raat Gayi Baat Gayi’, ‘Fatso’ or many more, this one too is a small budget film which is expected to be character driven. Jatin Pandit is the composer while Saurabh Shukla himself has written the lyrics.

I M 24 Movie Poster Wallpaper
I M 24 Movie Poster Wallpaper

I M 24 Music Review: Do Lafzon Ki

Album begins with Anwesha Dutta Gupta’s ‘remix version’ of evergreen and extremely popular ‘Do Lafzon Ki’ from ‘The Great Gambler’. Since it’s not a complete song, doesn’t even have a proper ending and simply fades away, one feels that it may just be a part of the background score.

I M 24 Music Review: Tan Mein Jalan

‘Tan Mein Jalan’ arrives next in Sunidhi Chauhan’s sensuous voice. She has sung it in her style and tried to give it much-needed life. However, the track doesn’t really blow listener’s mind. Yes, it’s a good attempt by the singer but music and the lyrics could have been better. Beginning of the song does take one back to the late 70s though.

I M 24 Music Review: Abhi Abhi Toh Mere Dil Mein

‘Abhi Abhi Toh Mere Dil Mein’ is a slow soothing track that will touch your heart. Lyrics are meaningful and manage to convey emotions of the protagonist. Jaspreet Singh has given his all and it will depend on Rajat Kapur to convey the emotions on screen.

I M 24 Music Review: Yeh Kaya Hua

Next in line is ‘Yeh Kaya Hua’ which is again a soulful rendition by Shaan and is on the same path as the previous song. It’s a little faster though and carries similar emotions. Lyrics are good and strike a chord with the listener.  There is a ‘remixed version’ of the track which has a definite variation to it with techno beats in the background. One would still prefer the original version though.

I M 24 Music Review: Dil Yeh Pagal Mane

‘Dil Yeh Pagal Mane’ by Sukhwinder Singh gives the album a twist and makes an attempt at changing the mood. It’s a fast paced track with Punjabi beats and chorus in the background. Still, the song lacks punch to become a chartbuster, more so due to ordinary lyrics which do not have much to offer.

I M 24 Music Review: Chota Sa Sapna Hai Yeh

Album moves forward with ‘Chota Sa Sapna Hai Yeh’ which is rendered by Shreya Ghoshal. It’s a sweet melodious track which listeners won’t mind listening to once or twice. However, it lacks the substance to be played on a repeat mode. Shreya is the right choice but the composition does not give her much to munch on.

I M 24 Music Review: Sab Chalta Hai

Last to arrive is ‘Sab Chalta Hai’ where Gaurav Bangia (as a lyricist) hits the right nerve with his words summarizing the crux of the movie quite simply. Music by guest composer Jaspal Moni could have been better though.

I M 24 Music Review: The Last Word

Overall, ‘I Am 24’ is a theme based album, which has songs that may go well with the films mood. Music composer Jatin Pandit does show his excellence in some parts but doesn’t really lend a memorable experience. Though there are popular singers, right from Sunidhi to Shreya to Shaan and Sukhvinder, the album does not hit the mark or even come close to it.

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