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Music Director: Vishal-Shekhar

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Happy New Year album is not as extravagant as the film looks. With an expectation of a Bollywood musical soundtrack, it comes down to a regular album of Vishal-Shekhar. Even though the album will be a hit with tracks such as Manwa Laage and Kamlee, it will not enjoy much longevity.

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in a still from movie 'Happy New Year'
Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in a still from movie ‘Happy New Year’

India Waale – Happy New Year Music Review

This being the ‘Happy New Year’ anthem, the song is quite a disappointment. It is high on the techno sounds but overall the beats remind us of the old tracks such as the ‘Om Shanti Om’ title track. ‘India Waale’ has no recall value. This is one of those tracks that pass us by and have little to hold on to. Even though various artists such as KK, Shankar Mahadevan lend their vocals for this one, it fails to create any magic. For my tastes, I would say, the song is quite ‘thanda’.

Manwa Laage – Happy New Year Music Review

Manwa Laage is the usual romantic track that is completely synonymous to a Shah Rukh Khan film. While Shreya Ghoshal’s voice brings out the mush in you, there is also the soulful voice of Arijit Singh to give you the perfect recipe for a romantic song. It is a signature Vishal-Shekhar number. There is no doubt that the song has a ‘feel good’ quotient to it but it lacks the quality to linger and become an evergreen romantic track. Yet, it is one of the best tracks from the album.

Satakli – Happy New Year Music Review

Sukhwinder Singh is one singer who can enliven any song thanks to his powerful, bright voice. ‘Satakli‘ is one of those high spirited numbers that is typically a rowdy dance number. Sadly, even though the song is high on the beats, it gets extremely irritating because of its constancy in the beats. This being one of the ‘Dahi Handi’ songs ‘Radhe Radhe‘ may catch on during the festive spirit but as a song it is definitely not a playlist addition.

Lovely – Happy New Year Music Review

This song is the Black Eyed Peas ‘Bebot‘ meets Shamur’s ‘Let The Music Play‘ song. With a start that gives you the Arabic music synonymous to belly dancing, as the song moves forward it has a mixture of hip hop which does not quite blend well. I was drawn to the vocals of Kanika Kapoor but unfortunately the music mesh is disturbing. This song has been packaged to become a spicy number but it fails to actually serve the purpose.

World Dance Medley – Happy New Year Music Review

If you have no patience to go through each and every song from the album, here is your medley. This medley is a recipe of disaster with absolutely no sense for the listener as one after another, the tracks keep popping up. Hopefully there will be some significance in the video for this random playlist put together as a medley.

Nonsense Ki Night – Happy New Year Music Review

What do you call a song that has funny English one liners as lyrics? Nonsense Ki Night. This song completely proves that if Mika Singh is given just a bunch of words, he would make them also sound hit with his amazing powerful voice. The song which goes like ‘I am feeling alright coz its nonsense ki night’ will leave you laughing with its lyrics. This song will catch on with the young crowd for sure!

Dance Like A Chammiya – Happy New Year Music Review

This upbeat number is full on Bollywood-ish. This track is a la Drama Queen of Hasee Toh Phasee. The vocals of Sunidhi Chauhan for a number like this are apt as she raises the tempo of the song. This ‘Chammiya‘ style song is sure to become a superhit. It is that typical ‘masala’ number that every music album requires.

Sharabi – Happy New Year Music Review

Sharabi is a typical Punjabi track that can be heard for any occasion. This track has the potential to become a party number. It has good beats but after a point it gets monotonous. Yet, the overall peppy feel of the song works. With Manj Music and Nindy Kaur, the track gets its perfect Punjabi flavor. Although repetitive, this will be a hit number from the album.

India Waale Electronic – Happy New Year Music Review

Considering techno is the mainstay for this album, the India Waale electronic version is a much better version of its original. The EDM works better for this song and could be said that composers Vishal Shekhar are known to be good with it. One problem with this song is its abrupt ending.

The Heist (Instrumental) – Happy New Year Music Review

This instrumental theme is what would surely be the background music for the whole robbery sequence. The start almost gives you the ‘Bond theme‘ and ‘Mission Impossible‘ theme mixture. The inspiration from international scores is evident in this.

Kamlee – Happy New Year Music Review

Kamlee is another version of ‘Lovely‘ and hands down this is a better version. With Kanika Kapoor of ‘Baby Doll‘ fame singing, this number is good to groove. The Kamlee version could be said as better because of the rap portions embedded in this which blend better than those in ‘Lovely’. This is also one of the songs from the album that will become a hit with the youth.

The Last Word – Happy New Year Music Review

The Happy New Year album is average even with its eleven extravagant songs. Unfortunately, Vishal-Shekhar fail to create a mesmerizing album like ‘Om Shanti Om‘. Techno being its main focus, only a couple of songs work in this album. While my expectations were sky high from Happy New Year considering it is going to be a out and out commercial Bollywood dance musical, the album let me down with its mediocrity. I am going with a 2.5/5 rating for this album.

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  1. honestly im big fan of SRK , but the songs of HNY has left us with irritation and its the worst songs ever of SRK Movie.

    Vishal & shehkar u didnt do justice with SRK.


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