Star rating: 2.5/5 (Two and Half stars)

Music Director: Dharam Sandeep

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A story on the lives of Ghosts in the neoliberal times needs to be complemented with music that follows suit, that way the eeriness sticks to the album but overall, Gang of Ghosts fail to impress. Here is a quick look at the songs offered.

Mahie Gill in a still from movie ‘Gang Of Ghosts’
Mahie Gill in a still from movie ‘Gang Of Ghosts’

Naach Madhubala – Gang Of Ghosts Music Review

Sung by Aishwarya Nigam, this number is just another Bollywood track trying to fuse desi with semi – trance. The experiment however fails and sounds too repetitive, keeping in mind the last few years where these have often either replaced or complemented item numbers across movies. Even so, the lyrics disappoint.

Nahin Dungi – Gang Of Ghosts Music Review

Rupmatii Jolly lends her voice to this pseudo – 1950s Bollywood track that actually renders a freshness to this album. It could easily be one of those songs that become a part of the wedding album compilations owing to the lyrics. It automatically reminds us of the Aage Peeche song by Shekhar Ravjiani and Sneha Pant in Golmaal.

Dasni Sharaab Di – Gang Of Ghosts Music Review

If you are a party animal, this is your track. Of course it reminds you of Jugni from Cocktail for absolutely unexplainable phonetic reasons. Amir Ghulam Ali lends his voice to this number. Again, on the innovation skill it does not achieve anything outstanding but we like the soft and loud transfusion that keeps the song apart from the rest of the album.

Ishq Behn Ka Dinna – Gang Of Ghosts Music Review

Vikas Kumar gets the credits for lending voice to yet another number that might help in clubbing but otherwise just appears repetitive. What’s more? After a while you lose track of any meaning in the lyrics, if at all. The techno trance genre experiments with progressive Bollywood in this one, and again, that has been the case for quite some time in the industry now, not that it helps any song to take up a place in your playlist.

Rimco – Gang Of Ghosts Music Review

Seems like this album found nothing else to offer but failed item numbers that end up at times not even being peppy enough for a dance. It is a desi weds disc genre. Credits for vocals go to Malini Banerjee.

Sheeshe Ka Dil – Gang Of Ghosts Music Review

This is the Gang of Ghosts version of ‘Gumnam hai koi’. And for that matter, it is a different kind of a song with the eeriness attached. You may or may not love it, but it is definitely worth that listen. Semi – classical in genre, the voice to this number has been lent by Rupmatii Jolly again.

Jaayen Toh Jaayen Kahaan – Gang Of Ghosts Music Review

As far as genre is concerned, this is not any different from Sheeshe Ka Dil. It has been sung by Manoj Mishra. On the lyrics side, it is nothing different as such but yes, definitely fun as subtly the concerns of an urban life is being put forth to the listeners.

Parody – Gang Of Ghosts Music Review

As the name goes, it is a compilation in continuation but the most interesting thing is to have Sudesh Bhonsle back in a commercial Bollywood album, after what seems like ages. The parody consists mostly of songs of the 1990s.

The Last Word – Gang Of Ghosts Music Review

This is just another album that will get lost in the heap of numbers released in the 1st half of the year. However, it is worth a listen, if not two. May be Dharam Sandeep needs a trick or two to actually make this work.

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