Fukrey Returns Music Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)


Music Director/s: Prem & Hardeep, Jasleen Royal, Sumeet Bellary, Shaarib & Toshi, Gulraj Singh, Shree D & IshQ Bector

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Fukrey Returns! I, personally, was waiting for this album because I am a big fan of Ram Sampath’s music in the first one. With songs like Ambarsariya, Jugaad and Rabba – the prequel’s music still lives well on my playlist. Let’s analyse how the formula of ‘multiple composers’ has worked for the film.

Fukrey Returns Music Review
Fukrey Returns Music Review

1. Mehbooba – Fukrey Returns Music Review

Adding one more song to the list of recreations – Mehbooba, a remixed version of O Meri Mehbooba from Dharam Veer starts the album on a foot-tapping note. Where I have disliked the other recreated versions, this one quite gets the mood right. Composers Prem & Hardeep have retained the vocals of legendary Mohammed Rafi and the chorus music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. The mediocrity of the new portions has been eclipsed by the epic’ness of old.

2. Peh Gaya Khalara – Fukrey Returns Music Review

Jasleen Royal: Someone I could personally listen to whole day even if she blabbers anything. Her trademark sugary touch to any song make it worth listening. This EDM’ised version of a wedding song is good only in bits and parts. Lyrics by Aditya Sharma are not up to the level created by the music and singing. Divya Kumar and Jasleen Royal are perfect but unfortunately, the song is just about average as the whole package.

3. Tu Mera Bhai Nahi Hai – Fukrey Returns Music Review

The super-sweet surprise of the album – Tu Mera Bhai Nahi Hai is one of those rare friendship songs which actually depicts the present-day traits of friendship. We have come long since Yeh Dosti to a song with lyrics as “Ek doosre ke humne kachhe dhoye hai, bandi ne jo dil toda toh saath roye hai”. The song is as quirky as it can get with a very relatable (to the topic) music by Sumeet Bellary. Sung by Raftaar, this song is sung by Gandhharv Sachdeav.

4. Ishq De Fanniyar (Male & Female) – Fukrey Returns Music Review

The composers have tried to give a substitute for Ambarsariya from the prequel which was an instant hit sung by Sona Mohapatra. Ishq De Fanniyar fails to score in any are – be it singing, lyrics or music. It’s sung and composed by Sharib & Toshi, lyrics are by Kumaar.

The song never feels right during the entire time, too experimental lyrics backed by average singing and music makes it a downer. Jyotica Tangri has sung the female version of the song. With same lyrics and almost same music, this version, too, fails to impress.

5. Fukrey Returns – Fukrey Returns Music Review

Fukrey’s music was a sudden chartbuster, from an unknown album at first the songs were loved later. The title track was pacy with some crazy lyrics. But the title track of this one is good on music but poor on lyrics. The slow pace could have worked if words would have been any better. It does not mark any impact on the first hearing.

6. Raina – Fukrey Returns Music Review

Second romantic track from the album, Raina tries too hard to give a laidback feel but falls flat. Sung by Shree D, the song is composed by Shree D and IshQ Bector. The song, yet again, is a victim of too ordinary lyrics. With good lyrics, the song would have worked big time.

7. Bura Na Mano Bholi Hai – Fukrey Returns Music Review

The first thought I had after hearing this song was – this could have been the title song for the film. Gandhharv Sachdeav will prove to be a very good find for the music industry with this album. He is accompanied by Shahid Mallya and both belt out an amazing song. Special mention for Satya Khare, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba & Vipul Vig for a wacky tune. Sumeet Bellary’s lyrics fits well in the song.

The Last Word – Fukrey Returns Music Review


Overall, an average album, but two good songs in Tu Mera Bhai Nahi Hai and Mehbooba. Bura Na Mano Bholi Hai is also good but will not serve the long-shelf-life in the playlists. Moral lesson: When you mashup many ingredients (with few good ones), it does not always result in a tasty dish.




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