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Ram Sampath became a show stealer with delivering peppy tracks in his albums. Fukrey, a relatively understated film has its music going in flow with the film’s flavor. Attempting to put together an ensemble of varied musical inclinations, overall Fukrey turns out to flavorsome for its peppy numbers. May be limited in terms of shelf life, a few tracks are going to memorable for their high fun quotient.

Fukrey Movie Poster
Fukrey Movie Poster

Fuk Fuk Fukrey – Fukrey Music Review

This song very close to Delhi Belly’s D.K Bose in terms of its rhythm placement. While D.K Bose had the feel of a notorious anthem, Fukrey’s titular falls short in terms of that rugged energy. Debutant singer, Amit Bagadwa for a large part of the song sounds slightly misplaced, but his vivacious tone will work in his favor for a profession in Bollywood music.

Beda Paar – Fukrey Music Review

Mika Singh brings to the song his usual upbeat enthusiasm. Making it a strikingly groovy number, Mika stands out in this song. But it itself has no smoothness. The lead duo is peculiarly mismatched with Tarannum’s voice sounding completely unsuitable to the song. Rhythmically ace, it is the lack of chemistry in the song which fails it.

Lag Gayi Lottery – Fukrey Music Review

Ram Sampath and Tarannum deliver a very average track. With both housing immense potential within them, the song goes wrong despite being a pleasant track. It soothes, it is cheerful but it doesn’t make a definite point for which it loses out. The song fails to grip you and ends abruptly!

Jugaad Kar Le – Fukrey Music Review

When the track begins, it seems immensely promising. Its Hinglish lyrics, surprising use of varied instruments does show considerable amount of imagination. The song botches up when it takes up a prose like terrain making it listeners lose the nerve to bear it any further. Despite Kailash Kher’s wonderful voice, the song does very little for itself sadly.

Rabba – Fukrey Music Review

From Wake up Sid’s wonderful Kya Karoon to 7 Khoon Maaf’s O’ Mama, Clinton Cerejo is the man whose voice has ability to surprise you. Taking into unbelievably shifting octaves, the music still manages to retain its melody all through. The music soothes despite a lot of myriad beats that are harmoniously blended together track. The lyrics and its well thought tunes make it a quasi memorable feat.

Ambarsariya – Fukrey Music Review

Sona Mohapatra enthralls you in this one. Being one of the sleekest tracks of recent times, Mohapatra’s voice quality is simply mesmerizing. Exceedingly impressed by the song’s simplicity and naiveness, this song compelled my attitude towards the album transcended positively. Uniformly whipped, the song balances well the magnitude of Sona’s voice with the music that matches it well.

The Last Word – Fukrey Music Review

For Ambarsariya alone, the soundtrack of Fukrey is worth it. Overall in all its six tracks, the album isn’t visibly impressive. Definitely trying to be above average, for a fact we know Ram Sampath is capable of doing better. Simplicity and mellowness are two of its positive qualities, barring which the album has nothing much to look out for. I mark the soundtrack of Fukrey at an average of 2.5/5. Definitely bearable and may be a little more, it could have been a lot better. Sona Mohapatra with Ambarasariya surely saves it from further criticisms.

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