Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two-and-a-half stars)

Department is Ram Gopal Varma’s next film which will be hitting theatres soon. In the true RGV tradition of exploring a theme, this one is dedicated to the Police Department. Supporting the context and plot of the movie is the music of the film.

Nathalia Kaur In Department
Nathalia Kaur In Department

The album is short with five songs and all of them are situation based in which the story seems to be moving forward. So, if you are looking for songs to stay with the audience, you would be disappointed. There is no Khallas in the album though the intention is there. RGV has used three music directors (Dharam Sandeep, Bappa Lahiri, Vikram Nagi) but hasn’t quite succeeded in getting a chartbuster soundtrack.

Dan Dan Cheeni: Department Music Review

The album begins with Paroma P. Dasgupta’s song Dan Dan Cheeni Shoot Mix which is like any other item song and does not leave any mark on the mind. Having said that, it does set the tone of the album and expectations right in the listener’s mind.

Kammo: Department Music Review

Kammo is the next song which is sung by Mika. In true Daler-Mika style, the music here is Punjabi based and probably the only song which has a romantic element in the album. However, this also adds on to the upbeat and loud mood of the album and cannot be counted in the romantic genre. Still, it is nice to hear Sudesh Bhonsle after a long time.

The Theme Of Department: Department Music Review

Next in the album is The Theme of Department. Sung by Sandeep Patil, the song does justice to the title given to it and takes you deeper in the plot based music.

Bad Boys: Department Music Review

Album moves forward with another of the forgettable numbers Bad Boys. Lyrics are not something that you will remember. Ritu Pathak voice is reminiscent of the pop singer Anamika’s voice and probably if given better lyrics and music, she would definitely be able to hold listeners.

Mumbai Police: Department Music Review

Last but not the least in the album is Mumbai Police and on many counts can be called the highlight of the album. Sung by Sanjay Dutt and Farhad Bhiwandiwala, the song will demand attention. Voiceover and the lyrics complement each other and are fun to listen to. It’s a spark of light given by Bappa Lahiri in a rather dull album.

Department Music Review: The Last Word

Overall, the music of Department is not one of the great products out of RGV camp unless the story is able to engross the audience and the plot is woven with the songs. As such, it turns out to be one of the easily forgettable albums. Hoping in future we would get music that is even close to Rangeela/Satya/Company by the master. After all, “Ummed pe duniya kayam hai”.

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